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The New Health Dialogue Outlines Why Just Attacking Health Plans Doesn’t Solve the Cost Conundrum

This is a great piece that ran as a blog entry on The New America Foundation’s blog “The New Health Dialogue.” It smartly makes the point that just focusing on health insurers does not solve the problem of ever increasing costs. Here are some key excerpts and the full piece is below: “But it’s important to remember that to the extent that the focus remains on health insurers’ rate increases we may miss the point on overall rising health care [...]

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Video of AHIP’s Karen Ignagni Delivering Speech at the Detroit Economic Club

Last week, AHIP’s Karen Ignagni delivered a speech at the Detroit Economic Club entitled “Health Care Reform: The Debate America Needs”. In this speech she laid out the need to address increasing health care costs as a part of reform and how the current reform proposals fall short of doing this. Click here for excerpts and full text of the speech. Click here for the video of the speech from CSPAN’s video library.

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The Debate America Needs

Today, AHIP’s President and CEO Karen Ignagni delivered a speech to the Detroit Economic Club on the need for health care reform to tackle the issue of rising health care costs. Excerpts from her speech are below. The full speech as prepared for delivery is available by clicking here. Key Excerpts: The measure of whether we succeed now – to accomplish what hasn’t been accomplished in a century of false starts – is not simply whether a bill gets passed [...]

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AHIP on Vilifying Health Plans

“The vilification strategy isn’t going to get health reform passed.” – Karen Ignagni, AHIP (The Wall Street Journal, Democrats Try Tougher Tone on Health Plan, 09/02/2009)

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Wall Street Journal – Insurers’ Employees Counter Criticism

The Wall Street Journal reports on the health plan community’s grassroots efforts. Here is a key excerpt: “Among the throngs of Americans crowding the sessions across the country, the industry employees come armed with talking points about the need for bipartisan legislation and the unintended consequences of a government-run health plan to compete with private insurers.” For the full article, click here.

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Statement on Health Insurance Reform

AHIP Statement on Health Insurance Reform Washington, DC – America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) released the following statement today from President and CEO Karen Ignagni: “Health plans last year proposed health insurance reform to make sure that no one is denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Our proposal includes new consumer protections and market rules to guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions, discontinue basing premiums on a person’s health status or gender, and get everyone covered through a personal coverage [...]

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San Francisco Chronicle Asks Who’s Smearing Whom

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Andrew Ross has a must read column this morning on the heated rhetoric and charges directed toward health plans. Click here for the full column.

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CNN Highlights the Role of Health Plan Employee Helping Family

CNN has been sending photojournalists around the country to capture stories about the American health care system. One of the stories they captured is below. Watch as a health plan employee helps a family in the aftermath of an accident.

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AHIP Statement on Status of Health Care Reform

AHIP Statement on Status of Health Care Reform Washington, DC – Karen Ignagni, President and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), gave the following remarks at a media teleconference this morning: “At this point in the summer of 2009, the country should be in the midst of a transformative national conversation about health care reform. Instead, a campaign has been launched to demonize health plans and the men and women who work hard every day in their communities to [...]

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Health Plans Gearing Up Grassroots During August

Politico’s Playbook reports on health plans’ grassroots efforts during the August recess. From Politico’s Playbook: America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP — the national association representing nearly 1,300 member companies providing health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans) is urging the industry’s hundreds of thousands of employees to GO TO TOWN MEETINGS WITH MEMBERS OF CONGRESS IN AUGUST TO CONFRONT THEM on House Democrats’ top recess message — that health-reform legislation is “health insurance reform to hold insurance companies [...]

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