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Implementing Market Reforms Without a Mandate Would Greatly Raise Premiums

Several months after the enactment of the health reform law, the Center for American Progress came out with a report examining the effect of partial repeal of the law. The report found that “removing the Affordable Care Act’s mandate would eviscerate the law’s coverage gains and greatly raise premiums.” Continue reading

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Flashback: Fortune Magazine: Health Care Reform Should Learn from the States

Seemingly not a day goes by without hearing debate over delaying the provision of the health reform law that requires everyone to purchase coverage. As we’ve been highlighting on the blog over the past few weeks, the individual mandate is essential to the success of the market reforms also included in the law. Continue reading

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Issue Brief: Extending Open Enrollment Will Lead to Adverse Selection

A new AHIP Issue Brief explains why delaying the individual mandate and/or extending the open enrollment period past March 31 could have a destabilizing effect on insurance markets, resulting in higher premiums and coverage disruptions for individuals and families. Continue reading

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After Breaking #TheLink, Vermont’s Individual Market was Essentially a High Risk Pool

In 1992, Vermont passed guaranteed issue and community rating reforms in the individual market. Continue reading

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New York: The Poster Child for #TheLink

In 1993, New York implemented community rating and guaranteed issue reforms in the individual market without requiring everyone to purchase coverage. Continue reading

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ICYMI — Actuaries: Delaying Individual Mandate Would Disrupt Coverage, Increase Costs for Consumers

In a letter to lawmakers, The American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice Council cautioned against delays to the ACA’s individual mandate or an extended open enrollment period. Continue reading

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Maine’s Experience with #TheLink

In 1993, Maine enacted guaranteed issue and limited how much premiums could vary based on gender, health status, claim experience and policy duration in the individual market. Continue reading

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Flashback: Kentucky’s Reform Goals Fell Short without #TheLink

Flashback: In 1994, the Kentucky legislature passed the Health Care Reform Act. The Act guaranteed access to coverage for everyone, including those with pre-existing conditions, and stated premiums could not vary based on a person’s health status. Continue reading

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Lessons Learned: Washington State’s 1993 Experiment with Health Insurance Reforms

The importance of the inextricable link between the mandate and market reforms has been recognized by policy experts, political leaders, and editorial pages across the country. Back in the 1990s, eight states implemented health care reforms without a mandate. Continue reading

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ICYMI: Opposition to Delaying the Individual Mandate Continues to Grow

Recent editorials from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today have joined the chorus of voices opposing proposals to delay the individual mandate. Continue reading

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