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A Look Back at Health Care in 2015

What health care issues did readers find most important in 2015? To find out, we’ve compiled a list of the most-read posts on the AHIP Coverage blog. Prescription drug pricing and Medicaid managed care took the top spots this year. Continue reading

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The Time is Now for Legislation to Roll Back Small-Group Expansion

Of the many factors currently impacting health care coverage across the country, the proposed expansion of the small-group definition under the Affordable Car Act is the one most likely to hurt small- and mid-size businesses and as many as 3.4 million of their employees and families. An article in yesterday’s New York Times highlights the potential ramifications of the definition change and what’s being done about it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, expanding the definition of small businesses to [...]

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Why a Small-group Expansion Delay Protects Consumers

A provision in the Affordable Care Act that is set to redefine the small-group insurance market to include companies that have 51 to100 employees starting Jan. 1, 2016, will place upward pressure on premiums, according to an issue brief from the American Academy of Actuaries. Continue reading

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Taking Steps to Make Coverage Affordable

There are two things Congress can do now to support affordability in health care coverage: allow states to maintain their current small-group market and repeal the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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The definition of small-group market: Protecting affordability and stability

Under the Affordable Care Act, companies with 51 to 100 employees would move from the large-group market to the small-group market starting in 2016. That change would create instability for the small employer marketplace, leading to premium increases and potential disruptions in coverage. Continue reading

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Mansfield News-Journal Op-Ed: “The HIT is an Onerous Tax”

An op-ed in the Mansfield News-Journal by Ohio State Rep. Mark Romanchuk, who is also a small business owner, states very plainly, “We must repeal the health insurance tax.” Continue reading

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Pioneer Press Op-Ed Highlights Premium Tax

An op-ed in the St. Paul Pioneer Press says that the health care reform law does not make health care more affordable, and points out the law’s premium tax as an example. Continue reading

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Impact of the Health Insurance Tax “Likely Would Be Catastrophic”

The Times West Virginian has an editorial out today about the health insurance tax (HIT) included in the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

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New AHIP Publication: Small Group Health Insurance in 2010

View AHIP’s latest small group health insurance survey. Continue reading

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Starbucks CEO: Pressure of ACA on Small Biz is Too Great

See what Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz has to say about the pressure of the ACA on small businesses. Continue reading

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