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Mansfield News-Journal Op-Ed: “The HIT is an Onerous Tax”

An op-ed in the Mansfield News-Journal by Ohio State Rep. Mark Romanchuk, who is also a small business owner, states very plainly, “We must repeal the health insurance tax.” Continue reading

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Pioneer Press Op-Ed Highlights Premium Tax

An op-ed in the St. Paul Pioneer Press says that the health care reform law does not make health care more affordable, and points out the law’s premium tax as an example. Continue reading

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Impact of the Health Insurance Tax “Likely Would Be Catastrophic”

The Times West Virginian has an editorial out today about the health insurance tax (HIT) included in the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

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New AHIP Publication: Small Group Health Insurance in 2010

View AHIP’s latest small group health insurance survey. Continue reading

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Starbucks CEO: Pressure of ACA on Small Biz is Too Great

See what Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz has to say about the pressure of the ACA on small businesses. Continue reading

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Small biz owner: Small Business Health Insurance Tax Will Make Health Insurance More Expensive

Brett Parker, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer for Bowlmor Lanes, testified today on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the House Education and Workforce HELP Subcommittee hearing to examine the impact of the new health care law for employers. Continue reading

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Editorials and Experts Drawing Attention to the Cost Issue

It’s a busy day on the cost front. First, the Milliman Medical Index was released providing some very good and fresh data about the continued medical cost crisis that is impacting employers and families. Also, fresh off the presses today were two must read pieces on costs and premiums. The first piece is an OpEd that ran in The Boston Globe written by Jim Stergios and Amy Lischko,

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Small Businesses and Health Care Costs

In December, AHIP sent a letter to Capitol Hill discussing the cause for rising health care costs particularly for small businesses. Below are some key highlights from this letter: Data from NHE “…show that increases in premiums are driven by the growth in the cost of health care services and that plan administrative costs are rising at far lower rates than the cost of care.” “…all 50 states and the District of Columbia impose restrictions on the premiums that may [...]

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Small Businesses Critique Reform Legislation — Not Enough Cost Control

A Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter writes about health care legislation’s lack of cost control and its detrimental impact on small businesses. Here are a few key excerpts: “Yet Glenn is not celebrating as Congress stands at the brink of passing health care legislation. He thinks the pending bills have too many mandates and too little cost control. Public insurance option? No, thanks.Glenn’s response is typical among the nation’s millions of small-business owners, many of whom would face sweeping new requirements [...]

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Both NFIB and NAM Say No to the Senate Bill

Both The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) issued statements today that oppose the Senate bill. Here are couple key excerpts from NFIB’s statement: “It’s clear to us [NFIB] that, at the end of the day, the costs to small business more than outweigh the benefits they may have realized.” “We are disappointed that, after so many months of discussion, small business could be left with the status quo or something even worse.” [...]

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