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Covered Population and Premiums

Experts agree that broad participation among the young and healthy is needed to keep the premiums affordable. Continue reading

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The ACA’s Reinsurance Program – What You Need to Know

A recent AP article highlighted a new reinsurance fee included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will take effect in 2014. The ACA’s reinsurance program is an important program that will help stabilize the market and mitigate some cost increases for consumers as the new insurance reforms take effect. Continue reading

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AHIP’s Ignagni: Kentucky’s Attempts at Reform Led to ‘Eye-Popping Premium Increases’

AHIP CEO Karen Ignagni wrote an op-ed for Louisville Business Journal about Kentucky’s attempts at health insurance reform in the mid-1990s. Continue reading

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WSJ’s MarketWatch: Health Law Without Mandate May Hike Costs

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch examines how health care reform could look without the individual mandate—and how striking the mandate may hike costs. Continue reading

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Fortune Magazine: Health Care Reform Should Learn from the States

A recent article in Fortune by Shawn Tully discusses aspects of the Affordable Care Act that have been tried in other states and found unworkable. Continue reading

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Kentucky’s 1994 Health Reform Law Resulted in Higher Premiums, Fewer Choices for Consumers

Insurance market reforms enacted in the 1990s resulted in higher premiums and reduced access to coverage for Kentucky consumers, according to a case study released today by Healthcare Aware of Kentucky, a new, Louisville-based, health-care consumer-awareness group, and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Continue reading

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Senate HELP Committee Hearing on Delivery System Reform

A Senate HELP Committee hearing earlier today, “Identifying Opportunities for Health Care Delivery System Reform: Lessons from the Front Lines,” addressed ways in which health plans are already implementing delivery reform to great success, as well as areas for continued advancement. Continue reading

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1990’s Reforms Led to Higher Premiums and Fewer Choices for Washington Consumers

Consumers in the state of Washington experienced higher premiums and loss of choice following the enactment of guarantee issue without an individual mandate in the 1990’s. Continue reading

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AHIP Statement on Two-Year Anniversary of the Passage of the Affordable Care Act

AHIP’s statement on the two-year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

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AHIP Letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius

AHIP sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius yesterday to respond to her request for specific cost savings recommendations that could be included in the current legislation. Below are a few highlights from the letter: Increased Transparency To address your request for greater transparency, we immediately began working with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to develop a template our members can use across the country to provide information on the factors that are driving premium increases. As you [...]

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