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Ask the AHIP Experts: Why Provider Networks are Important

Health plans use high-value provider networks to reduce premiums and promote more affordable coverage for consumers. We asked two of AHIP’s policy leads, Vice Presidents Greg Gierer and Crystal Kuntz, to explain why health plans are turning to high-value provider networks designed to reward quality and effectiveness. Continue reading

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Putting Patients First

Across the industry, innovators are driving change within the health care system to improve the health of the communities we serve. To me, this means putting patients at the center of the care model. Continue reading

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Healthier Communities: Quality, Affordability, Sustainability

USA Today and Cigna hosted a forum on creating healthier communities, and one common theme rang true: We need health care, not sick care. Continue reading

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Thankful for the Work and Care that Make A Difference

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of the many things I am grateful for, particularly the daily progress that is made to improve care for individuals and families across the country. This is work that cannot be achieved by one industry on its own, but rather takes the commitment on behalf of all stakeholders to focus on evidence-based care delivery that’s coordinated and patient-centered. Continue reading

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FTC Challenges Hospital Merger to Prevent “Near-Monopoly” Grip on Care

The Federal Trade Commission recently challenged a hospital merger that would create a “near monopoly” and lead to higher prices and lower-quality care for patients in four West Virginia and Ohio counties. Continue reading

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New issue brief on empowering consumers

Whether it’s a cost calculator or a mobile app, health plans provide consumers with a wide-range of tools that allow individuals to easily compare data on estimated costs of certain procedures and treatments as well as quality measures so they can make informed choices when selecting a provider or hospital. Continue reading

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Making Quality Measures Work

Developing and aligning quality measures is essential to transitioning from the fee-for-service reimbursement to a health care system that truly rewards value. Continue reading

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INFOGRAPHIC: Improved Patient Care, Cost Savings with Medicaid Managed Care

Check out the new infographic below to see the great value that Medicaid Managed Care plans provide for states and the beneficiaries they serve. Continue reading

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Happy health insurance consumers

Health plans are committed to providing beneficiaries with high-quality, affordable health care coverage. And consumers are happier for it. Continue reading

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What does MA mean to beneficiaries?

For more than 16 million seniors and individuals with disabilities, Medicare Advantage coverage means better care, greater choice, and higher quality. Continue reading

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