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New Data Brief on Hospital Consolidation and Premiums

The growing body of evidence that hospital consolidation and higher premiums go hand-in-hand has yet another entry. A new AHIP data brief finds that as hospital consolidation increases, so too do premiums. Continue reading

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Hill Briefing Examines the Truth About Premiums

Influential factors that go into premiums took center stage this afternoon at a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by centrist think tank Third Way. The panelists all emphasized the fact that proposed premiums vary greatly; and therefore, it’s crucial to consider the full picture when looking at changes in premiums. Continue reading

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Studies, experts agree: Provider consolidation drives up the cost of care

Here’s where it’s important to understand that insurance premiums track the underlying cost of medical care, like the cost of doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. So as the costs of medical care increase, so do premiums. One explanation for increases in hospital prices is consolidation among hospitals and other providers. Continue reading

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Hospital Concentration Is Bad For Consumers

Hospital and provider mergers and acquisitions lead to dramatic increases in health care prices. And as the price for medical care trends higher post-hospital merger, insurance premiums will likely follow suit. Continue reading

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Provider Consolidation Across the Nation

When hospitals or provider groups consolidate health care costs go up. Why? Provider consolidation reduces competition and gives large hospital systems greater negotiating power, resulting in higher prices for services and increased costs for patients. Continue reading

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More hospital consolidation, more problems

“Frenzy” – “Monopolies” – “Dangers”– “Too big to fail” – These are all words used to describe the growing trend of hospital consolidation in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. Continue reading

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Cost Drivers Undermine Affordable Care

Health care costs are on the rise – and we know why. Three major factors continuously undermine affordable care: soaring prescription drug prices, provider consolidation and the health insurance tax (HIT). Continue reading

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Hospital Consolidation and Costs

Concerns are growing over big, powerful hospital networks getting bigger and more powerful, which in turn will hurt competition and choice and increase price. These worries are very real in Connecticut, where one large health system is known as “Jaws,” the Connecticut Mirror reported. Continue reading

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Provider consolidation in the news: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Another headline has warned about the impacts provider consolidation have on health care prices (it makes them go up). Continue reading

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FTC Chairwoman: Why Provider Consolidation is So Worrisome

Health care providers, policymakers, and patients should be worried about the provider consolidation trend because more consolidation means less competition, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine. Continue reading

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