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Don’t Mess with the IPR

When pharmaceutical companies artificially prolong drug patents to avoid competition from generics, consumers end up with fewer treatment options and higher costs. These latest patent abuses demonstrate the need for strong oversight of drugmakers’ monopoly pricing schemes. Continue reading

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Quick Facts about Health Care Reform and Premiums

Given recent attention on the impact of health care reform on health care costs and premiums, we wanted to share the following facts. Continue reading

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Charlotte Observer: NC Attorney General to Investigate ‘Artificially High’ Hospital Prices

The Charlotte Observer reports on the North Carolina Attorney General’s decision to examine what he refers to as artificially high hospital prices, which may be due to provider consolidation. Continue reading

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Medical Loss Ratio – What You Need to Know

Health plans support the important role that brokers play for individuals, working families and small employers. Continue reading

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They Said It: Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff on Health Plans’ Profits

The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff chimes in on the health plan industry’s profits. Continue reading

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UPenn Professor Testimony on Health Plans’ Profits, Rate Review and MLR

UPenn Biz School Professor Scott Harrington testifies in front of House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee on rate review and MLR regulations. Continue reading

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Highlights from the Hartford Courant Webchat Thursday (May 26)

On Thursday, May 26, AHIP Press Secretary Robert Zirkelbach participated in an online webchat hosted by The Hartford Courant entitled: “Is the price of health insurance going to decrease?” Continue reading

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AHIP in the News: Rate Review, Hospital Mergers, Rx Drug Prices…

Check out the latest installment of “AHIP In the News” for the week of May 16-20. Continue reading

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FACT CHECK: Health Plans’ Profits Accounted for > 1/2 of 1% of Total Health Care Spending in 2010

Get the latest facts on health plans profits and national health care spending. Continue reading

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Health Care Plan Sector Ranks 143 out of 215 in Terms of Net Profit Margin

Yahoo!Finance released its latest corporate quarterly financial data and shows some interesting facts regarding health care plans profits. Continue reading

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