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The definition of small-group market: Protecting affordability and stability

Under the Affordable Care Act, companies with 51 to 100 employees would move from the large-group market to the small-group market starting in 2016. That change would create instability for the small employer marketplace, leading to premium increases and potential disruptions in coverage. Continue reading

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Health Plans Focus on Affordability

Despite a full host of factors that increase premiums, health plans are working hard to keep coverage affordable. Continue reading

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What’s Driving up Premiums? Prescription Drugs

Soaring six-figure prescription drug prices are driving up health care spending, and that puts upward pressure on premiums, deductibles, and cost-sharing. Continue reading

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Covered Population and Premiums

Experts agree that broad participation among the young and healthy is needed to keep the premiums affordable. Continue reading

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Cost Drivers Undermine Affordable Care

Health care costs are on the rise – and we know why. Three major factors continuously undermine affordable care: soaring prescription drug prices, provider consolidation and the health insurance tax (HIT). Continue reading

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Bipartisan Support Grows for Repealing the ACA’s Burdensome Health Insurance Tax

There is growing recognition among a bipartisan group of members of Congress as well as business leaders that the health insurance tax hurts consumers and should be repealed. Continue reading

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Any willing provider laws grab headlines in South Dakota

Any willing provider (AWP) laws – which allow any doctor or hospital to enter into a plan network – are making headlines thanks to a proposal on the ballot in South Dakota that would institute an AWP law and could prompt other states to consider similar policies. Continue reading

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The dangers of AWP laws in 1-2-3

Health plans have been creating provider networks that deliver greater efficiency and higher quality. Three separate studies show that “any willing provider” (AWP) laws will undermine those efforts. 1. In the first report, Paul Ginsburg, the Norman Topping Chair in Medicine and Public Policy at the University of Southern California’s Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, concludes that AWP laws can increase health care costs and negatively affect care quality. AWP laws, which allow any doctor or hospital to [...]

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Solving health care’s biggest problems

Health plans have important roles to play in health care, guiding patients through the system, providing access to the best treatments, and protecting patients from medical bankruptcy. They’re also on the frontlines tackling challenges in an industry that is undergoing unprecedented change. Continue reading

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New Study: Coverage Options Available to Significantly Limit Costs for Those With Chronic Conditions

A new independent analysis from HealthPocket has found that consumers have a range of coverage options to choose from, including plans that can significantly limit out-of-pocket costs for those with chronic conditions and the most medical needs. Continue reading

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