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VIDEO: Health Insurance Premiums 101

We’re releasing a new video series, “Health Care in Focus,” which touches on emerging health care topics – from prescription drug coverage and drug prices to provider networks and in-network and out-of-network care. Check out this week’s installment explaining what goes into health insurance premiums and how to use the benefits included in your coverage. Continue reading

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A Look Back at Health Care in 2015

What health care issues did readers find most important in 2015? To find out, we’ve compiled a list of the most-read posts on the AHIP Coverage blog. Prescription drug pricing and Medicaid managed care took the top spots this year. Continue reading

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The Health Insurance Tax Hurts Affordability in Health Care Coverage

Throughout 2015, members of Congress, business leaders, and small business owners have been standing up against the health insurance tax (HIT) – a sales tax on health insurance that hits nearly everyone, increasing the cost of health coverage for individuals, small businesses, seniors, states, and taxpayers. Continue reading

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New AHIP Issue Brief Outlines Patient Protections Against Soaring Prescription Drug Prices

As prescription drug prices continue to rise, a new issue brief on patient cost sharing shows how health plans are working to protect patients from the soaring cost of treatments and medications. Even as health plans are covering the vast majority of the cost associated with prescription medications, drug companies continue to demand a blank check, driving up costs across the board for everyone. Continue reading

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#TBT – Lawmakers Make Their Voices Heard on House Floor to #RepealtheHIT

More members of Congress have taken to the floor of the House of Representatives to discuss the harm caused by the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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Pharma’s Red Herring

Whenever drugmakers can’t come up with a sound argument against good policy, they roll out their time-tested “price controls” diversion. Please. Continue reading

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Why a Small-group Expansion Delay Protects Consumers

A provision in the Affordable Care Act that is set to redefine the small-group insurance market to include companies that have 51 to100 employees starting Jan. 1, 2016, will place upward pressure on premiums, according to an issue brief from the American Academy of Actuaries. Continue reading

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You Can’t Deny the Facts

Given the recent focus on consolidation in the health care industry and how such activity would impact the cost of coverage, it’s crucial to bear in mind several important facts. Continue reading

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What’s behind health insurance premiums?

With recent discussions surrounding insurance premiums, it’s important to acknowledge an important fact: Premiums track directly with the underlying cost of care. Continue reading

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Taking Steps to Make Coverage Affordable

There are two things Congress can do now to support affordability in health care coverage: allow states to maintain their current small-group market and repeal the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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