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ICYMI: Consumers and Employers Prefer Smaller Provider Networks Over Higher Premiums

The health care reform law adds new benefits and brings new costs for consumers and employers. Continue reading

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Implementing Market Reforms Without a Mandate Would Greatly Raise Premiums

Several months after the enactment of the health reform law, the Center for American Progress came out with a report examining the effect of partial repeal of the law. The report found that “removing the Affordable Care Act’s mandate would eviscerate the law’s coverage gains and greatly raise premiums.” Continue reading

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ICYMI — Actuaries: Delaying Individual Mandate Would Disrupt Coverage, Increase Costs for Consumers

In a letter to lawmakers, The American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice Council cautioned against delays to the ACA’s individual mandate or an extended open enrollment period. Continue reading

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Examining the Impact of States that Tried Reforms without #TheLink

In the 1990s, eight states enacted guaranteed issue and community rating reforms without implementing an individual mandate to ensure individuals purchased coverage. According to a study by Milliman, the results were disastrous. Premiums increased, coverage was disrupted, and there was no reduction in the uninsured population. Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: State-by-State Premiums Under the Health Care Law

A New York Times article on premiums under the health care law in 36 states includes this great chart. Continue reading

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AP Articles Highlight the Affordability Challenge

As we blogged earlier this week, Sarah Kliff of the Wonk Blog wrote about the potential disconnect between knowing the premium prices and knowing what people think are affordable premiums. An AP article provides some anecdotal evidence to highlight this disconnect. Continue reading

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Wonk Blog: We Know Premium Costs, But Not Affordability

A post on Wonk Blog today says that while we know what health insurance premiums will be in some states, we still don’t know whether people will consider those premiums to be affordable. Continue reading

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Affordability May Affect Whether Younger Individuals Purchase Coverage

A Reuters article looks at a new study released by the Commonwealth Fund, which found affordability could be a hurdle to younger individuals purchasing coverage. Continue reading

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New Infographic: How Does the ACA Impact Premiums? It Depends.

Given recent attention regarding the ACA’s impact on health care costs and premiums, we wanted to share a new infographic that offers an overview of the changes coming to health insurance and what these reforms mean for consumers. Continue reading

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NBC News: Health Care Costs ‘deterring factor’ for young and healthy

An article posted on NBC News’ First Read blog highlights the importance of broad participation in the new health insurance exchanges established by the health reform law. Continue reading

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