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High health care costs hit employer health benefits

A new annual report from the National Business Group on Health provides more proof that the high cost of health care services is putting a financial strain on the U.S. health care system. Today’s target—employer health benefits. Continue reading

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What’s driving 2015 premiums

As states continue to report on proposed 2015 rates, wide variations in premiums have emerged. This should be no surprise. Several factors impact how much consumers pay for coverage, with premium increases varying by state and even region. Continue reading

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Listicle of the Day: Bloomberg on the Factors Driving Premiums

Bloomberg News has produced a handy list of factors to understand when looking at changes in health care premiums. Continue reading

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What Do the Experts Say?

Everyone wants to know what premiums are going to look like for 2015 in the new health care marketplaces. The answer of course is not straightforward, but it deserves proper focus and explanation. So where do we turn? Continue reading

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One Reason Premiums Will Vary Across States

January 1, 2014 marked the start of the ACA’s major market reforms taking effect. Continue reading

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Why 2015 Premiums Will Vary by State

Sarah Kliff has a post up on Vox today explaining why premiums will go up in 2015. Continue reading

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Issue Brief: Factors Driving Premiums in 2015

An issue brief by the American Academy of Actuaries highlights the major factors determining how 2015 premiums will be set and could differ from those in 2014. Continue reading

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ICYMI: Consumers and Employers Prefer Smaller Provider Networks Over Higher Premiums

The health care reform law adds new benefits and brings new costs for consumers and employers. Continue reading

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Implementing Market Reforms Without a Mandate Would Greatly Raise Premiums

Several months after the enactment of the health reform law, the Center for American Progress came out with a report examining the effect of partial repeal of the law. The report found that “removing the Affordable Care Act’s mandate would eviscerate the law’s coverage gains and greatly raise premiums.” Continue reading

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ICYMI — Actuaries: Delaying Individual Mandate Would Disrupt Coverage, Increase Costs for Consumers

In a letter to lawmakers, The American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice Council cautioned against delays to the ACA’s individual mandate or an extended open enrollment period. Continue reading

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