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How Two Innovative Health Plans Are Transforming Care

At a recent congressional briefing hosted by the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation, top health care leaders showcased how health plans are bringing innovation to the delivery system, whether through value-based payments, international collaboration, or retail centers. Continue reading

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Chronic care management: Getting patients the care they need

A new study by the RAND Corporation and AHIP Foundation looks at the growing burden of chronic disease and health plans’ efforts to help chronically ill patients. Roughly one in two Americans will suffer from a chronic disease by 2030, according to the study. And with each additional chronic condition, patients face higher costs and greater difficulty in managing their health. Continue reading

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Health Plans Focus on Affordability

Despite a full host of factors that increase premiums, health plans are working hard to keep coverage affordable. Continue reading

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NYT Editorial: How Insurers Can Help

An editorial in today’s New York Times, “How Insurers Can Help,” highlights what health plans can do to help control health care costs. Continue reading

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AHIP Testimony on Implementation of Exchanges

The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health hosted a hearing focused on the implementation status of health insurance exchanges and related regulations. Dan Durham, Executive Vice President for Policy and Regulatory Affairs at AHIP, testified at the hearing. Continue reading

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Health Plans Working to Improve Care Through New Provider Payment Models

A new Health Affairs blog post discusses the problems associated with medication non-adherence and the opportunities that exist to improve. Continue reading

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AP: Patient-Centered Medical Homes Show Results, Cost Savings

The AP examines the impact of patient-centered medical homes and the positive results and cost savings associated with the new model. Continue reading

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Building off the Private Sector: Delivery and Payment Reform Initiatives Underway

A map of private sector delivery and payment reform initiatives underway throughout the United States. Continue reading

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