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Inside Health Policy Features AHIP’s Views on a Safe Harbor to Lower Health Care Costs

Inside Health Policy highlights AHIP CEO Karen Ignagni’s comments on a medical malpractice ‘safe harbor’ to lower health care costs. Continue reading

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New Study in Oregon Says $93 Million Could Have Been Saved with Modernized Medical Liability System

A new study in Oregon says reform the medical liability system with a safe harbor system could save the state $100 million in medical spending. Continue reading

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New Study Puts Defensive Medicine Costs at Between $650 – $850 Billion Annually

A new study released today says that defensive medicine costs the U.S. between $650-$850 billion each year – or more than 25% of total U.S. health care spending. Continue reading

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ISSUE ALERT: Three Must Read Pieces on Medical Malpractice Reform

Three separate pieces argue for different ways to reform the medical liability system and help save the system and patients save money. Continue reading

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New Study: Docs “Defensive” Testing Meant to Stave Off Lawsuits

New study shows doctors order more tests out of fear of being taken to court. Continue reading

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AP Poll Shows Most Americans Want to Curb Malpractice Lawsuits

A recently released AP poll shows strong support for curbing medical malpractice lawsuits among Americans, and experts appear to share this view. Here are a few key excerpts “…54 percent favor making it harder to sue doctors and hospitals for mistakes taking care of patients, while 32 percent are opposed. The rest are undecided or don’t know.” “Limits on jury awards in malpractice cases could reduce the federal deficit by $54 billion over 10 years, says the Congressional Budget Office, [...]

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THE WHITE HOUSE: Medical Liability Reform Pilot Project Announcement

The White House today announced the launch of a new demonstration initiative that will help states and health care systems to test models of medical liability that meet the following goals: Put patient safety first and work to reduce preventable injuries; Foster better communication between doctors and their patients; Ensure that patients are compensated in a fair and timely manner for medical injuries, while also reducing the incidence of frivolous lawsuits; and Reduce liability premiums. Click here to read the [...]

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Washington Post Editorial — Medical Malpractice System an Expensive Lottery

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post editorial from this morning: “The medical malpractice system is an expensive lottery that does a poor job of both assigning blame and compensating victims; the threat of liability encourages some doctors to order unnecessary tests and procedures.”

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New Poll Shows Americans Support Medical Liability Reform

A new nationwide poll commissioned by Common Good and the Committee for Economic Development, and conducted by Clarus Research Group, reveals that a strong majority of America’s voters want Congress to include lawsuit reform in any overhaul of the health care system. Here are some key findings: 83 percent of the nation’s electorate want Congress to address reform of the medical malpractice system as part of any health care reform plan. 72 percent of voters think the fear of being [...]

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AHIP on Medical Malpractice

Roll Call reports on the role medical malpratice reform is playing in the reform debate. The story includes this perspective from AHIP’s Mike Tuffin: “Medical liability reform has to be a part of the plan to make health care affordable and make the system sustainable. The current system has created an epidemic of defensive medicine. It is raising the costs for patients and putting doctors and nurses out of practice in some cases.” For the full story click here (subscription [...]

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