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Too Expensive

While drug manufacturers turn a blind eye to the fact that they charge some of the highest prices in the world, patients are paying attention – and they’re not happy about it. Continue reading

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Let’s get serious about affordability

How do we rein in unsustainable prices for medical services and treatments to keep care within reach for patients? Continue reading

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Innovative medical cures and affordability: The health care dilemma

Today the Partnership for Quality Care held a forum on sustainable prescription drug pricing – something that we need but still don’t have, according to the panelists. Continue reading

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The Discussion About Access We Need To Have

To provide the affordable coverage that consumers want, all stakeholders have to be willing to embrace the goal of affordability and work together to achieve it. This means that the old ways have to change. Continue reading

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This isn’t a game of monopoly

Ever rising prescription drug prices mean more expensive coverage for individuals, families, and employers. Many of the astronomical price tags for medicines can be traced back to business practices that promote monopoly-like pricing rather than improved patient access. Continue reading

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Health Plans Focus on Affordability

Despite a full host of factors that increase premiums, health plans are working hard to keep coverage affordable. Continue reading

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What’s Driving up Premiums? Prescription Drugs

Soaring six-figure prescription drug prices are driving up health care spending, and that puts upward pressure on premiums, deductibles, and cost-sharing. Continue reading

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Hospital Concentration Is Bad For Consumers

Hospital and provider mergers and acquisitions lead to dramatic increases in health care prices. And as the price for medical care trends higher post-hospital merger, insurance premiums will likely follow suit. Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Purchase Drug, Increase Price, Rinse, Repeat

Steep price increases aren’t just products of hospital mergers. Massive price hikes are hitting patients as part of the wave of pharmaceutical consolidation too, according to a new Wall Street Journal article. Continue reading

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More hospital consolidation, more problems

“Frenzy” – “Monopolies” – “Dangers”– “Too big to fail” – These are all words used to describe the growing trend of hospital consolidation in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. Continue reading

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