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More hospital consolidation, more problems

“Frenzy” – “Monopolies” – “Dangers”– “Too big to fail” – These are all words used to describe the growing trend of hospital consolidation in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. Continue reading

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Rising Drug Prices on The Hot Seat

Rising drug prices took center stage at a Congressional briefing hosted by the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) with health care stakeholders calling for a sustainable pricing solution that promotes access and affordability while encouraging new innovation and cures. Continue reading

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Cancer drug pricing: “what the market will bear”

A new cancer drug usually costs more than $100,000 a year. However, that high price tag has nothing to do with the drug’s innovation or efficacy for patients, according to a new study in JAMA Oncology. Continue reading

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Are identical treatments worth 834% more?

Health plans work hard to ensure access to safe, effective treatments. But those efforts are undermined by drug manufacturers charging Americans the highest prices in the world for the exact same brand name drugs. The practice of charging different customers different prices for identical products (think airlines or hotels), commonly referred to by economists as “price discrimination,” raises serious concerns when it impacts American consumers who need to access prescribed treatments. Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Really?

A graph in The Washington Post’s Wonkblog debunks the common and misleading explanation from drugmakers that the cost of developing drugs is why it costs a hundred thousand dollars or more for one treatment. Continue reading

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Bipartisan Support Grows for Repealing the ACA’s Burdensome Health Insurance Tax

There is growing recognition among a bipartisan group of members of Congress as well as business leaders that the health insurance tax hurts consumers and should be repealed. Continue reading

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Finding a solution that ensures affordability, innovation, and access

Patients deserve access to lifesaving medical innovations that hold promise for preventing, treating, and curing diseases. But those innovations shouldn’t come at an enormous price. Continue reading

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Hospital Consolidation and Costs

Concerns are growing over big, powerful hospital networks getting bigger and more powerful, which in turn will hurt competition and choice and increase price. These worries are very real in Connecticut, where one large health system is known as “Jaws,” the Connecticut Mirror reported. Continue reading

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Drug Prices: A Threat to Innovation

New drugs are hitting the market, offering patients additional treatment options. But many experts are concerned that the exorbitant prices of these medications will jeopardize medical innovation as we know it. Continue reading

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Price Information: An Essential Factor to Drive Health Care Value

Some of the largest health insurers teamed up with HCCI, using their claims data to provide national, state, and local cost estimates for more than 70 common services. Continue reading

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