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Consumer Reports: What’s to blame for soaring health care costs

Consumers are angry over outrageous sky-high health care costs, and rightfully so. But what’s to blame for this health care cost outrage? Consumer Reports gives us some answers. Continue reading

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Chart of the day: Anger at outrageous health care costs

Health care costs are increasing at unsustainable and unaffordable rates, and consumers are sounding the alarm. They’re fed up with the soaring prices for medical services, as evidenced by a recent Consumer Reports survey that’s aptly titled The Anger Index. Continue reading

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Charts of the day: Higher prices for the same product

An article in Business Insider has rounded up several charts that show what’s wrong with the U.S. health care system. Not surprisingly, a familiar issue made the list: the exceptionally high costs of lifesaving prescription drugs. Continue reading

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What really happens when hospitals consolidate

Provider consolidation is a continuing source of debate in health care. But the facts are clear: Hospital mergers can drive up health care costs for consumers. Continue reading

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Big hospital systems mean higher prices

With news of Advocate Health Care and NorthShore University HealthSystem forming the largest system in Illinois, it’s time to revisit the serious consequences of anticompetitive hospital consolidation: Research shows bigger hospital systems can lead to higher prices, not necessarily better health care. Continue reading

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Don’t ignore the true health care cost drivers

With the prices for four common surgical procedures growing by double digits, a new article from NBC News reveals an urgent need to put greater focus on this dynamic that is powering health care cost growth. Continue reading

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Solving health care’s biggest problems

Health plans have important roles to play in health care, guiding patients through the system, providing access to the best treatments, and protecting patients from medical bankruptcy. They’re also on the frontlines tackling challenges in an industry that is undergoing unprecedented change. Continue reading

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Health plans go big on coverage, payments

Health plans are a critical piece of the U.S. health care system: They provide affordable health and supplemental benefits to hundreds of millions of Americans and pay for a significant amount of care delivered throughout the country. Without them, patients and government payers would be on the hook for billions in health care costs. Continue reading

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Politico: Exposing Medicare misalignment

A new article from Politico Magazine calls more attention to misaligned incentives plaguing the health care system and driving up costs. Continue reading

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Chart of the day: The Hospital Price is Right … Or is It?

A chart from British Medical Journal illustrates an ongoing problematic issue: Hospital prices are anyone’s guess. Continue reading

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