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Hospital Consolidation and Costs

Concerns are growing over big, powerful hospital networks getting bigger and more powerful, which in turn will hurt competition and choice and increase price. These worries are very real in Connecticut, where one large health system is known as “Jaws,” the Connecticut Mirror reported. Continue reading

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Drug Prices: A Threat to Innovation

New drugs are hitting the market, offering patients additional treatment options. But many experts are concerned that the exorbitant prices of these medications will jeopardize medical innovation as we know it. Continue reading

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Price Information: An Essential Factor to Drive Health Care Value

Some of the largest health insurers teamed up with HCCI, using their claims data to provide national, state, and local cost estimates for more than 70 common services. Continue reading

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Provider consolidation in the news: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Another headline has warned about the impacts provider consolidation have on health care prices (it makes them go up). Continue reading

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The charts that drugmakers don’t want you to see

Why are patients paying more for health care? Exhibit A: It’s the drug prices, which jumped more than 6 percent in the last year. Continue reading

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Expensive Prescription Drugs, The Big Driver Behind Medicare Spending

The latest monthly budget review from the Congressional Budget Office shows that the soaring costs of new treatments remain one of the leading drivers of rising health care costs. Continue reading

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Study: “This growing trend of diabetes cost is simply unsustainable”

The cost of diabetes care has more than doubled in the past 20 years, mostly driven by the rising price of new drugs, concludes a study recently published in the Diabetes Care journal. Continue reading

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Fact Check on Prescription Drug Coverage

Health plans are committed to assuring that patients have access to high-quality and affordable prescription drug coverage by providing a wide array of plan choices that are designed to meet each individual’s health needs. So as consumers make choices about the type of coverage that works for them, it’s important to keep in mind several important facts. Continue reading

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Why we need biosimilars

The introduction of biosimilars is sorely needed to bring competition to the biologics space, which includes some of the world’s most expensive medications. Continue reading

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2014: A Year in Health Care

To close off 2014, let’s take a look at this year’s most-read posts on the AHIP Coverage blog. The list of top stories shows what health care issues are important to health plans, patients, the media, and policymakers, namely, soaring health care costs and the value of Medicare Advantage coverage. Continue reading

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