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Medicare Advantage Gets High Marks from Seniors

More Medicare beneficiaries are choosing Medicare Advantage, and a new national survey from Morning Consult shows that those seniors give a thumbs up when it comes to their coverage. Continue reading

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What’s in a network: Value, Access, Satisfaction

The focus this week has been about how health plans are delivering value and peace of mind for patients. But we can’t talk value and peace of mind without highlighting another strategy that gives consumers access to quality care while keeping prices down – high-value networks. Continue reading

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New EBRI Survey Shows Individuals Continued Satisfaction With Health Plans

The latest survey shows that nearly 6 out of 10 individuals are extremely or very satisfied with their current health plan. Continue reading

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Nine out of Ten Seniors Satisfied with Their Medigap Coverage

Nine out of ten seniors enrolled in Medigap are satisfied with their coverage, according to a new American Viewpoint survey released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Continue reading

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New Polling Numbers Show People Satisfied with Health Insurance Coverage and Think Reform Law Will Increase Costs

Two recent surveys examine people’s opinions about their health insurance coverage and the reform law’s impact on health care costs. Continue reading

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POLL VAULT: New Kaiser Family Foundation Poll Shows Nearly 9 out of 10 Adults with a Private Health Plan Have Positive Experience

New KFF Poll shows nearly 9 out of 10 adults with a private health plan have positive experience. Continue reading

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3 Out of 4 Americans Rate Their Current Health Plan As Good or Excellent

The health care reform debate may be over, but polling on the issue has not stopped. The latest Rasmussen Poll was released and it includes the usual questions about people’s support for the health care system (it’s up) and about the reform law and its impact on people’s coverage (that’s down). But it also included this nugget: “Three-out-of-four (75%) adults who currently have health insurance rate their coverage as good or excellent, showing virtually no change since February but up [...]

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FACT CHECK Redux: Polls Show American People Satisfied With Their Health Plan

Much of the focus of recent polling has been on specific reform proposals. However, a number of surveys conducted throughout 2009 showed a common thread — people’s satisfaction with their own health insurance or health coverage. We have included a number of these findings below: CNN/Opinion Research: 74% of people are satisfied with their personal health insurance coverage. 83% of people are satisfied with their own health care. Employee Benefits Research Institute: Fifty-eight percent of those with health insurance coverage [...]

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New Pew Poll Shows Americans Trust Health Plans More than Government

Pew Research Center released its latest poll today, and there was an extensive section on health care and health care reform. One of the questions posed was “Who do you trust more when it comes to deciding what kinds of medical procedures should be covered by health insurance?” Here are the results from that question: “More Americans trust private insurance companies rather than the government to make decisions about what kinds of medical procedures should be covered by health insurance. [...]

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Gallup Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Maintaining Health Care System Based Mostly on Private Health Plans

Gallup, Nov. 5-8, 2009 “Which of the following approaches for providing health care in the United States would you prefer: replacing the current health care system with a new government-run health care system, or maintaining the current system based mostly on private insurance?” Replace with Government-Run System (32%) Maintain Private System (61%) Unsure (7%)

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