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The march to value-based care

One way to bring – and keep – rising costs under control is to change the way we pay for care, BenefitsPro reports. The article describes the debate surrounding value-based care, concluding that efforts to reward providers for keeping people healthy will be a long-lasting movement. Continue reading

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Leveraging the power of health IT

This week marks nine years of National Health IT Week, and health plans have been longtime supporters of health IT. Continue reading

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Move over Apple, health plans already using high-tech health care innovations

Long before Apple, health plans have been getting innovative with data to deliver better care for patients and empower consumers to make better decisions. Continue reading

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Three Ways Health Plans Are Helping to Promote Value and Reduce Costs

Health plans are working to reduce the cost of health care by designing coverage options that encourage patients to make quality-driven medical choices when selecting physicians and hospitals. Continue reading

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Health Plan Innovations in Medication Therapy Management: Effective Practices for Diabetes Care and Other Chronic Conditions

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) has become an essential strategy to address some of the nation’s highest priorities in health care: improving health outcomes and lowering costs for people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses; protecting patient safety; promoting effective care transitions; and reducing preventable hospital admissions and readmissions. Continue reading

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New Report Highlights Health Plans’ Commitment to Health Literacy

A new report by AHIP looks at the health literacy programs of 30 member companies and describes their commitment to providing consumers with information on their health and benefits that can be easily understood and used to good advantage. Continue reading

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Medicaid Health Plans: Supporting Patients and States

Recent media coverage has focused on the decision of states to turn to Medicaid health plans to help deliver quality care and achieve value. Continue reading

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Health Plans Leading Efforts to Reduce and Prevent Obesity

With more than one-third of U.S. adults (over 72 million people) and 17% of U.S. children faced with the challenges associated with obesity, it is clear there is much work to do in halting and reversing the epidemic. Continue reading

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Health Plans Using Innovative Approaches to Control Costs

A Reuters article examines how health plans are controlling health costs through pay for performance initiatives. Continue reading

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Diabetes Alert Day: AHIP & CDC Partner to Prevent and Delay Diabetes

March 26 is Diabetes Alert Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness about type 2 diabetes, its risk factors, and its prevention. Continue reading

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