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Public Health to Medicare Advantage: Here’s the Latest Health Care-Related Legislation

We’re hitting the home stretch in 2016 and Congress is hard at work wrapping up business on Capitol Hill. Check out this week’s health care bills introduced in the House and Senate. Continue reading

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The Health Insurance Tax Hurts Affordability in Health Care Coverage

Throughout 2015, members of Congress, business leaders, and small business owners have been standing up against the health insurance tax (HIT) – a sales tax on health insurance that hits nearly everyone, increasing the cost of health coverage for individuals, small businesses, seniors, states, and taxpayers. Continue reading

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#TBT – Lawmakers Make Their Voices Heard on House Floor to #RepealtheHIT

More members of Congress have taken to the floor of the House of Representatives to discuss the harm caused by the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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6 More Bipartisan Reasons to Repeal the Health Insurance Tax

The rumors are true. The Health Insurance Tax (HIT) is here, and it’s here in a BIG way. Continue reading

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Taking Steps to Make Coverage Affordable

There are two things Congress can do now to support affordability in health care coverage: allow states to maintain their current small-group market and repeal the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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Hill Briefing Examines the Truth About Premiums

Influential factors that go into premiums took center stage this afternoon at a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by centrist think tank Third Way. The panelists all emphasized the fact that proposed premiums vary greatly; and therefore, it’s crucial to consider the full picture when looking at changes in premiums. Continue reading

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The Effort to #RepealtheHIT Makes Waves on Social Media

Nationwide, efforts to repeal the burdensome health insurance tax are growing stronger than ever. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying: Repeal of the HIT continues to garner support

Across the country, members of Congress are joining business leaders and small business owners in expressing concern about the health insurance tax and its massive impact. See what’s being said. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying: Repeal the HIT

Efforts to repeal the health insurance tax hit an important milestone today. Bipartisan HIT repeal legislation spearheaded by Reps. Charles Boustany (LA) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) now has 218 cosponsors. Reaching the number needed for House passage shows the growing support in Congress to protect the small business community and consumers from increased health care costs due to this onerous tax. Continue reading

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Cost Drivers Undermine Affordable Care

Health care costs are on the rise – and we know why. Three major factors continuously undermine affordable care: soaring prescription drug prices, provider consolidation and the health insurance tax (HIT). Continue reading

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