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Health Insurance Tax Threatens Affordability

If health care affordability is our goal, adding a new tax on health insurance seems like a bad idea. Continue reading

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The Harsh Reality of the HIT

What if you went in to the store to buy something you needed – milk, for example – and went to the checkout line only to find that you were being hit with a new tax you’d never before seen? And what if you were told that tax would increase next year by 41%? Continue reading

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ACA’s Health Insurance Tax: Making Coverage More Expensive for Families, Small Businesses

It’s April 15, and taxes are on everyone’s mind. Continue reading

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“An Ironic Touch for a Law Meant to Make Health Coverage Cheaper”

From the Daily Caller on the health reform law’s new taxes. Continue reading

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WSJ Op-Ed: ACA’s Health Insurance Tax “Hidden Hit On Businesses”

With the ACA’s $100 billion health insurance tax starting this year, small and medium-size businesses “will bear the brunt of the tax…Many will be forced to raise their employees’ share of premium payments or, worse, lay off workers to pay the escalating costs of health care for their core employees,” according to a Wall Street Journal op-ed from Bernie Marcus, co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Home Depot. Continue reading

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Ignagni Op-Ed in New York Times: We Must Keep Coverage Affordable

AHIP CEO Karen Ignagni recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Times on keeping coverage affordable. Continue reading

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It’s 2014, and Consumers are Taking a HIT

It’s 2014, and a number of taxes in the health reform law are now beginning to go into effect. One that will hit consumers especially hard? The $100 billion health insurance tax. Continue reading

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IRS Releases Final Rule on the Health Insurance Tax

The IRS today released a final rule on the health insurance tax included in the health care reform law. Continue reading

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Coming Soon: The Hidden Tax on Health Insurance

Amid the discussion of the changes to health care that will go into effect in just over a month on January 1, 2014, one key component is oft overlooked – the little-known health insurance tax. Continue reading

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Support Grows for Repeal of the Health Insurance Tax

A Tax News article looks at the growing support repeal of the health insurance tax is generating. Continue reading

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