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On Health Care, 51% Fear Government More Than Insurance Companies

The following memo was released today by Rasmussen looking at the American public’s view of the government and private health plans: When it comes to health care decisions, 51% of the nation’s voters fear the federal government more than private insurance companies. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 41% hold the opposite view and fear the insurance companies more. Seven percent (7%) are not sure who they fear the most. Among those who have insurance, 53% fear [...]

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New Pew Poll Shows Americans Trust Health Plans More than Government

Pew Research Center released its latest poll today, and there was an extensive section on health care and health care reform. One of the questions posed was “Who do you trust more when it comes to deciding what kinds of medical procedures should be covered by health insurance?” Here are the results from that question: “More Americans trust private insurance companies rather than the government to make decisions about what kinds of medical procedures should be covered by health insurance. [...]

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Ruth Marcus Says Reform Debate Disregards True Cost Drivers

The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus writes about misconceptions regarding GRP and points to real drivers of healthcare costs. Here are a couple key excerpts: “Setting that aside, the argument by Dean and his fellow public-planners is that only with a government-run insurance plan alongside private insurers will there be a mechanism to ensure competition and keep down costs. But premium increases are driven in significant part by the rising price of underlying goods and services.” “Consolidation among hospitals has reduced [...]

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Chicago Tribune — Polls Show Public Envisioning Higher Costs and Lower Quality Brought By Congress’s Health Reform Proposals

A Chicago Tribune editorial shows that Congress’s healthcare agenda no longer reflects what the public wants. Here are a few key excerpts: “The ‘public option’ — a major intrusion of government into the private health insurance business — is history…So apparently is the ‘trigger’…Gone, too, is the notion of allowing some Americans to buy into Medicare at age 55, 10 years earlier than everyone else gains coverage. That proposal was a huge and awesomely expensive down payment on government-run health [...]

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The Wall Street Journal — Medicare Buy-In Will Lead to Higher Costs

A Wall Street Journal editorial predicts that the Medicare buy-in option will yield disastrous results. Here are few key excerpts: “A buy-in is…the political strategy [single-payer advocates] have tried since the Great Society: Ratchet down the enrollment age for Medicare, boost the income limits to qualify for Medicaid, and soon health care for the entire middle class becomes a taxpayer commitment.” “In the case of Medicare, this means expanding a program that is already going broke. Medicare reimburses doctors and [...]

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Expanding Medicare Will Only Worsen The Cost Problem

The Journal-Sentinel’s Patrick McIlheran writes that expanding an already dysfunctional program like Medicare will perpetuate and worsen the increasing costs of healthcare in our country. Here are a few key excerpts: “Medicare is government-run. It’s eight years away from fiscal ruin, its own trustees reported earlier this year. This deal trades a dysfunctional plan for a laughable one…It also reveals the futility of [current proposals] reaching one of its key goals: slowing the rise in health care spending.” “Congress [has] [...]

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Mort Kondracke — Congress’ Reform Bills Will Increase Premiums and Healthcare Spending

Mort Kondracke opposes the health bills being considered in Congress and provides polls showing the public’s agreement. He writes that unless Congress implements cost-control measures, the current legislation will not “bend the curve” and costs will shift to private payers. Here are a few key excerpts: “Practically every aspect of the bills Democrats are considering – from covering the uninsured to taxes on providers, insurance reforms and Medicare cuts – will result in higher premiums for those with insurance.” “…unless [...]

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Mayo Clinic Official Believes Expanding Medicare Will “Compound” Health Care Crisis

In a Politico article by Jake Sherman, the executive director of the Mayo Clinic’s Health Policy Center says the Medicare buy-in proposal will only intensify the healthcare system’s existing cost problem. Here are a few key excerpts: “Plans to expand the Medicare system, an idea that seems to be in the crosshairs of some Senate Democrats, will ‘compound’ the nation’s health care crisis, according to the executive director of the Mayo Clinic’s Health Policy Center.” “Jeffery Korsmo, the executive director [...]

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What People Are Saying about the Medicare Buy-In Proposal

What They Are Saying About the Medicare Buy-in Proposal “Lobbyists for providers and insurers immediately took aim at the buy-in proposal, saying that Medicare already doesn’t pay enough. Adding more people would compel hospitals, doctors and others to jack up charges to private insurers and employers to make up the difference, they warned.” “The Federation of American Hospitals, in an e-mail alert to members, said the industry had already agreed to $155 billion in Medicare and Medicaid payment reductions over [...]

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Regina Herzlinger, Harvard Business School Economist, Says GRP Will Damage Economy

In a New York Daily News article, Regina Herzlinger of Harvard Business School argues that a government-run plan will exacerbate the health care spending problem. Here are a few key excerpts: “Public health insurance systems leave lingering financial scars too. To curry favor with current voters, politicians underprice public plans and devise exploitive financial schemes for picking up the tab. Politicians pass the bill to future generations. In 2008, Canada’s Fraser Institute estimated the public system’s unfunded liabilities at $364 [...]

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