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Washington Post & KHN Examine the Effect of Prescription Drug Coupons on Health Care Costs

A Washington Post/Kaiser Health News article examines how prescription drug coupons are being pushed to drive more patients toward more expensive brand name drugs and away from lower cost generic drugs. Continue reading

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Washington Examiner Focuses on Rising Hospital Rates

A recent article in the Washington Examiner spotlighted the rising hospital rates across the Washington area, finding that the increases were due primarily to the cost of new medical technologies and caring for the uninsured. Continue reading

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Karen Ignagni Letter to the Editor (New York Times)

Karen Ignagni’s letter to the editor appeared in the New York Times, Saturday, December 9, 2011 – “Any comparison between Medicare Advantage and fee-for-service Medicare must acknowledge the fact that Medicare Advantage plans provide more and better benefits.” Continue reading

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Cost Shifting and the Supercommittee

The Coalition for Affordable Health Coverage looks at the existing problem of cost-shifting and how the problem could potentially be exacerbated by the current debt and deficit debate. Continue reading

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Ken Thorpe Says We Need Real Cost Savings, Not More Cost Shifting

Ken Thorpe says entitlement reform needs to focus on lowering the number of people with chronic conditions and improving care coordination. Continue reading

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Two New Studies Examine Hospital Market Concentration Impact on Prices

James Robinson, a professor of health economics at UC Berkeley, has recently released two new studies examining the impact that hospital market concentration has on medical prices. Continue reading

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Employers Express Anti-Trust and Cost-Shifting Concerns on ACOs

Three employer groups raise anti-trust and cost-shifting concerns on ACOs. Continue reading

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COST ALERT: Investor’s Business Daily Examines Cost-Shift in ACA

Investor’s Business Daily reports on the potential for subsidies in the new reform law losing their purchasing power over time and increasing out of pocket costs for consumers. Continue reading

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SF Chronicle Article Highlights Argument that Premiums Are Driven by Medical Costs

The San Francisco Chronicle examines the issues that impact premiums. Continue reading

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The Problem of Uncompensated Care

It is widely understood that the costs of uncompensated care provided by hospitals gets passed along to families and employers with private insurance. A 2009 study by Families USA found that uncompensated care costs impose a “hidden tax” on family health coverage of $1,017. Moreover, according to Mckinsey & Company, “The premiums of commercial health insurance policies, paid largely by employers, help subsidize health care for the uninsured and for people in government-sponsored programs.”

The problem of uncompensated care has been exacerbated by the recent economic downturn as noted in several recent news articles. Continue reading

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