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What seniors have to say about protecting Medicare Advantage

Several Coalition members in California who would experience negative effects from additional cuts share why it’s important to protect their Medicare Advantage benefits. Continue reading

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What seniors are saying about why Medicare Advantage coverage matters

In Louisiana, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries would face premium increases and benefit reductions of more than $120 per month, according to new data from Oliver Wyman. Here’s why Medicare Advantage coverage matters so much to seniors in Louisiana. Continue reading

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It’s Prices, Not Coverage

A recent op-ed in the Morning Consult touted the idea of separate deductibles for prescription drugs. Such a misguided suggestion will only make matters worse for patients who need access to lifesaving medications. Continue reading

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Ignagni in the AJMC: Innovation in Plain Sight

The American Journal of Managed Care published a special guest commentary by AHIP CEO Karen Ignagni highlighting the health insurance industry’s long-standing efforts to enhance the value of care for patients. Continue reading

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Flashback: The More Things Change, The Higher Drug Prices Go

It’s easy to understand why health plans welcome the introduction of biosimilars as a way to give patients quicker access to more affordable treatments. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some drug companies, which continue to try to prevent less costly biosimilar versions of their products. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying: Lawmakers Support Medicare Advantage

Knowing that millions of seniors depend on their Medicare Advantage coverage for high-quality, affordable health care, members of Congress recognize the need to shield these critical benefits from any further cuts. Here’s what members of Congress are saying in support of Medicare Advantage. Continue reading

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Better Care: “The Hallmark of Medicare Advantage”

At AHIP’s National Health Policy Conference, HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell discussed why health insurance is so important. It provides health security, financial security, and peace of mind to individuals and families. A great example of that in action is Medicare Advantage. Continue reading

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On the Hill: Driving Transformation and Protecting Innovation in Medicare Advantage

Several health care leaders gathered on Capitol Hill today to give a real world look at the many ways Medicare Advantage is leading efforts to provide innovative, coordinated care for beneficiaries. The briefing, hosted by AHIP, also focused on how payment cuts could inhibit that transformation and the importance of funding stability for the program. Continue reading

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Event Roundup: Coalition Seniors Talk Medicare Advantage with Lawmakers

Since 1999, the Coalition for Medicare Choices has worked to protect the benefits offered by Medicare Advantage that seniors depend on. In that time, Coalition seniors have made more than a million contacts with their members of Congress to protect their benefits. Some things have changed in those 15 years—the Coalition has grown to more than 1.8 million members (and counting), for example. But one thing stayed the same—they are still making your voices heard in Washington. Most recently, Coalition [...]

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Study: “This growing trend of diabetes cost is simply unsustainable”

The cost of diabetes care has more than doubled in the past 20 years, mostly driven by the rising price of new drugs, concludes a study recently published in the Diabetes Care journal. Continue reading

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