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Networks Offer Patients More Choice and More Value

Consumer choice plays a vital role in health care, which is why health plans provide a range of network size options as well as a broad array of physicians and hospitals in their provider networks. Consumers have even greater choice this year with more than 1,000 new networks introduced, a recent McKinsey report concluded. Continue reading

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The HIT makes tax time worse

The health insurance tax is estimated to add more than $170 to the cost of coverage for an individual purchasing insurance on his own. That more than cancels out the average $125 middle-class Americans put away for retirement each month. Continue reading

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Rising Drug Prices on The Hot Seat

Rising drug prices took center stage at a Congressional briefing hosted by the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) with health care stakeholders calling for a sustainable pricing solution that promotes access and affordability while encouraging new innovation and cures. Continue reading

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Bundled payments promote greater value and quality of cancer care

More than one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, but rising treatment prices and unreliable care quality prevent patients from being able to access and afford the care they need. New payment structures and benefit designs give reason to hold out hope for lower costs and better value for oncology patients. Continue reading

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Listen up: Seniors share Medicare Advantage stories

We’ve featured seniors from California and Louisiana explaining why their Medicare Advantage coverage matters so much. Now seniors in Ohio, Texas, Colorado, and Oregon share what they love about Medicare Advantage. Continue reading

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Medicare Advantage: How changes to risk adjustment impact payments, beneficiaries

Medicare Advantage plans work to identify their enrollees’ health conditions early on so they get the treatment they need and to mitigate serious, complicated health issues that may arise in the future. Yet, CMS’ proposed changes to the current risk adjustment model would undermine health plans’ early intervention efforts. I Continue reading

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What seniors have to say about protecting Medicare Advantage

Several Coalition members in California who would experience negative effects from additional cuts share why it’s important to protect their Medicare Advantage benefits. Continue reading

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What seniors are saying about why Medicare Advantage coverage matters

In Louisiana, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries would face premium increases and benefit reductions of more than $120 per month, according to new data from Oliver Wyman. Here’s why Medicare Advantage coverage matters so much to seniors in Louisiana. Continue reading

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It’s Prices, Not Coverage

A recent op-ed in the Morning Consult touted the idea of separate deductibles for prescription drugs. Such a misguided suggestion will only make matters worse for patients who need access to lifesaving medications. Continue reading

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Ignagni in the AJMC: Innovation in Plain Sight

The American Journal of Managed Care published a special guest commentary by AHIP CEO Karen Ignagni highlighting the health insurance industry’s long-standing efforts to enhance the value of care for patients. Continue reading

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