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INFOGRAPHIC: Improved Patient Care, Cost Savings with Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid turns 50 today, and as the nation reflects on its legacy of delivering valuable coverage to low-income individuals,  it’s important to look at the role Medicaid managed care plans have played in making quality care more accessible than ever. Medicaid health plans now serve more than 43.5 million low income individuals – nearly 66 percent of total Medicaid enrollment - and a growing body of research finds the tools and techniques they use show great promise in achieving better outcomes [...]

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Pricey Hep C Drugs to Blame for Higher Health Care Spending

Gilead’s Solvaldi and Harvoni – which ring in price tags at $1,000 or more per pill – were leading culprits behind the 12.6 percent prescription drug spending increase in 2014. Continue reading

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Medicare seniors better off with Part D benefits

In celebrating 50 years of Medicare this week, let’s take a look at prescription drug insurance through Medicare Part D, which continues to provide millions of seniors and people with disabilities access to appropriate, cost-effective medicines. Continue reading

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Health Plan Innovations: Ensuring Access to Effective Treatments

Health plans are working hard to hold down specialty drug costs, while ensuring patient access to vital treatments. They’re using real-world solutions to promote high-value, high-quality medical treatments, as highlighted in a recent AHIP issue brief. Continue reading

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Everyone knows drug prices are a problem … except pharma

Health care experts, physicians, researchers, health plans, policymakers, Medicaid directors, patients – they all recognize how dangerous dramatic drug price increases are becoming for our patients and our health care system. As this week’s news coverage showed, pharmaceutical companies are still oblivious to how their six-figure price tags affect patients who need lifesaving treatments. Continue reading

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Rx News Roundup: New Drugs, Higher Prices

High-cost specialty drugs continue to fill drug pipeline, and with new FDA approvals come increased prices and increased spending. Continue reading

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Improper patents lead to substantially higher drug costs

The problem of wrongly granted patents leads to higher prices for patients, small and large employers, Medicare, and Medicaid – not to mention billions of dollars of “pure economic waste,” according to a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Continue reading

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New Data Brief on Networks Ensuring Affordable, Accessible Specialty Care

For patients managing complex health conditions, health plans’ networks include a broad range of specialty provider and hospital groups that have a proven track-record of delivering high-quality care, according to a new AHIP data brief. Continue reading

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New Issue Brief on Specialty Drug Issues and Challenges

A new issue brief from AHIP delves deeper into the challenges posed by high specialty drug pricing, which continues to threaten the availability of affordable coverage options for patients across the country. Continue reading

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Durham Op-Ed: “The Great Threat of Rising Health Care Costs”

Today’s Morning Consult features an op-ed by AHIP Interim CEO Dan Durham, in which he states now is the time to focus on ensuring health care accessibility, affordability, and quality. However, Durham highlights underlying challenges that all stakeholders need to confront in order to move the health system forward. Continue reading

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