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Here we go again: Another day, another six-figure drug price

Instead of acknowledging the growing consumer concern and outrage over soaring prices for medical services, media reports today show drugmakers are still turning a blind eye, slapping more six-figure price tags on critical treatments. Continue reading

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TEDMED: Tackling the Challenges of Accessibility and Affordability in Health Care

AHIP’s VP for Policy Greg Gierer today joined a group of experts to discuss health care pricing and sustainability. They tackled the question of how to make innovative treatments more accessible to patients while reining in the high cost of care. Continue reading

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Fact: The real problem is abusive drug pricing

Biosimilars can save millions of dollars and save many lives. That was the message shared by all of the panelists at a discussion this morning hosted by The Hill in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

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The Simple Facts Behind Increasing Health Care Costs

The facts are clear. Sky-high drug prices strike twice – saddling patients with unaffordable costs and imposing a financial burden on everyone in the U.S. health care system. With a wave of new treatments carrying six-figure price tags in the pipeline, is there any relief in sight? Continue reading

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Chart of the day: Drug prices keep rising faster than inflation. Much faster.

An AARP report shows the prices for brand-name prescription drugs often used by older adults jumped by an average of 13 percent last year alone, according to a new article in Pharmacy Times. That’s more than eight times faster than the general inflation rate. Continue reading

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Actuaries: High-cost meds threaten Medicaid’s ability to deliver quality, affordable care

In a recent analysis, the American Academy of Actuaries warns of a high-cost issue threatening Medicaid’s ability to balance access, quality, and affordability. The high-cost issue is the unsustainable price of breakthrough medications, like $1,000-a-pill Sovaldi. Continue reading

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Letter to the editor: Where’s the drug pricing transparency?

The astronomical price tag for a hepatitis C treatment highlights a major problem plaguing our health care system and its patients: a lack of transparency around pharmaceutical price setting, as noted in a Washington Post letter to the editor from Laura Worby, a primary care nurse practitioner. Continue reading

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The value of provider networks

Consumers shopping for coverage will find that health plans offer a range of provider network choices. Understanding the value of provider networks is important, especially as consumers enroll in or change plans during Open Enrollment. Continue reading

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How to solve the cancer care cost crisis

The nonpartisan Alliance for Health Reform and WellPoint today held an event that looked at cancer care–which costs about $125 billion a year–and whether new delivery reforms can lead to better care at lower costs for cancer patients. Continue reading

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Beware: A handful of drugs with enormous price tags

“What good is a miracle drug if you can’t afford it?” So asks Dr. John D. Bennett, the President and CEO of Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, in an article in the Albany Business Review. It’s a question we’ve long been asking drugmakers, and like Dr. Bennnett, we’re still waiting for an answer. Continue reading

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