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Post-Open Enrollment, Focus Needs to Shift to Keeping Coverage Affordable

For the first time, millions of Americans across the country have the peace of mind that health insurance provides. Continue reading

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Price Transparency: “Common in Most Industries But Rare in Health Care”

Recent news reports have highlighted consumers’ outrage over the skyrocketing cost of medical care. As a result, there is a growing call for greater price transparency. The Wall Street Journal looks at this lack of transparency, which “is common in most industries but rare in health care, where ‘charges,’ ‘prices,’ ‘rates’ and ‘payments’ all have different meanings and bear little relation to actual costs.” Continue reading

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ICYMI — New York Times: Research shows “hospital charges…are the largest driver of medical inflation”

An article in the New York Times highlights evidence showing that exorbitant prices for medical services are driving costs higher, making health care coverage more expensive for individuals, families and employers. Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: State-by-State Premiums Under the Health Care Law

A New York Times article on premiums under the health care law in 36 states includes this great chart. Continue reading

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Rumble, Rumble, Rumble…

There are just three days left to make a BOOM about the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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Show Your Support for Repeal of the Health Insurance Tax

As health care costs continue to rise, affordability continues to be a major concern for all Americans and employers. That’s why there’s growing concern about the new health insurance tax’s impact on the affordability of coverage for families, small businesses, and seniors. The ACA imposes a new sales tax on health insurance that starts at $8 billion in 2014, increases to $14.3 billion in 2018, and increases every year thereafter. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the health insurance [...]

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AP Articles Highlight the Affordability Challenge

As we blogged earlier this week, Sarah Kliff of the Wonk Blog wrote about the potential disconnect between knowing the premium prices and knowing what people think are affordable premiums. An AP article provides some anecdotal evidence to highlight this disconnect. Continue reading

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Wonk Blog: We Know Premium Costs, But Not Affordability

A post on Wonk Blog today says that while we know what health insurance premiums will be in some states, we still don’t know whether people will consider those premiums to be affordable. Continue reading

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Affordability May Affect Whether Younger Individuals Purchase Coverage

A Reuters article looks at a new study released by the Commonwealth Fund, which found affordability could be a hurdle to younger individuals purchasing coverage. Continue reading

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Mansfield News-Journal Op-Ed: “The HIT is an Onerous Tax”

An op-ed in the Mansfield News-Journal by Ohio State Rep. Mark Romanchuk, who is also a small business owner, states very plainly, “We must repeal the health insurance tax.” Continue reading

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