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Payment reform innovation: 4 years strong and still improving

Health plans are leading the way to higher-quality, affordable health care with new payment structures that reduce spending and improve care quality. Just look an independent study released yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine, which shows how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ Alternative Quality Contract has achieved lower costs and better care for its members. Continue reading

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Health Care Value In Three Simple Words

Affordability. Stability. Quality. These are three simple words that every consumer has in mind when considering their choices for health care. While system-wide obstacles such as provider consolidation and rising specialty drugs prices jeopardize all three of these critical goals, health plans are working harder than ever to advance new innovations that deliver better outcomes for consumers. Continue reading

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What’s forcing consumers to spend more on health care? Rising prices

Thanks to ever-rising health care prices, consumers spent more on medical services last year even though they used fewer of them. Continue reading

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Ignagni: Health plan-provider partnership is the secret to sustainable, affordable care

As the U.S. health care industry undergoes tremendous transformation, partnerships and interdependence among all health care organizations will drive affordability and quality. That was a major theme today at the National Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health in Washington, D.C. – and a message that America’s Health Insurance Plans President and CEO Karen Ignagni drove home in a keynote address. Continue reading

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When the claim of ‘innovation’ is simply higher prices

High prices fuel the fire of innovation – that’s the misleading explanation drug companies give for setting their prices at astronomical levels. It’s also the explanation that Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Peter Bach, M.D., easily disproves in a new Forbes article. Continue reading

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Politico Pro: Backlash builds over soaring drug prices

With a wave of new treatments carrying six-figure price tags in the pipeline, pressure is building on drugmakers to lower their prices, according to a new Politico Pro article. Continue reading

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AHIP statement on Harvoni

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Spokesman Brendan Buck released the following statement today after Gilead Sciences announced its newly approved hepatitis C drug Harvoni will be priced at $94,500 for a course of treatment. Continue reading

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Any willing provider laws grab headlines in South Dakota

Any willing provider (AWP) laws – which allow any doctor or hospital to enter into a plan network – are making headlines thanks to a proposal on the ballot in South Dakota that would institute an AWP law and could prompt other states to consider similar policies. Continue reading

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Chart of the day: Price matters

A new Morning Consult poll should serve as yet another a wake-up call for drugmakers, pushing them to be part of the solution to unaffordable and unsustainable prescription drugs. Continue reading

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7 things we learned at the Health Affairs briefing on specialty drugs

Specialty drugs took center stage at today’s Health Affairs event, which introduced research from the October issue titled “Specialty Pharmaceutical Spending and Policy.” Below are some highlights. Continue reading

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