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The Seniors Behind the Numbers

The research shows 88 percent of seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage are highly satisfied with their plan. And 88 percent of these enrollees are satisfied with preventive care coverage, compared with 75 percent of fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries. But the seniors behind the numbers are what’s most important – the individuals who stand up each day to protect what matters most. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying About The Value of Medicare Advantage Care Coordination

A recent congressional briefing featured a panel of health care leaders and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries who discussed the difference that care coordination practices make in the lives of seniors. Continue reading

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Everyone knows drug prices are a problem … except pharma

Health care experts, physicians, researchers, health plans, policymakers, Medicaid directors, patients – they all recognize how dangerous dramatic drug price increases are becoming for our patients and our health care system. As this week’s news coverage showed, pharmaceutical companies are still oblivious to how their six-figure price tags affect patients who need lifesaving treatments. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying About the Value of Medicare Advantage

Last week, a panel of experts met to talk about how Medicare Advantage plans are making a real difference in lives of the 1.5 million Florida seniors who rely on MA coverage for high-quality, affordable care, and they had a lot to say. Here are some quotes from the panel discussion. Continue reading

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What seniors have to say about protecting Medicare Advantage

Several Coalition members in California who would experience negative effects from additional cuts share why it’s important to protect their Medicare Advantage benefits. Continue reading

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Bipartisan Support Grows for Repealing the ACA’s Burdensome Health Insurance Tax

There is growing recognition among a bipartisan group of members of Congress as well as business leaders that the health insurance tax hurts consumers and should be repealed. Continue reading

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Loud and Proud: Why Seniors Love Medicare Advantage

For three years running, Washington policymakers have proposed cuts to the Medicare Advantage program that more than 16 million seniors rely on for affordable, high quality health care. Continue reading

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What providers have to say about Medicare Advantage

You’ve seen the benefits of Medicare Advantage from the patient perspective. Here’s what providers are saying about the important program that roughly 16 million seniors rely on for superior care. Continue reading

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What they’re saying about $1,125-a-pill Harvoni

A number of news articles have examined how Harvoni’s sky-high price will affect consumers’ access to the breakthrough hep C treatment and state Medicaid budgets. Here’s what they had to say … Continue reading

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More voices back high-value networks

As U.S. health care spending continues to grow and the new health care law limits tools available to promote affordability, health plans have turned to high-value networks to bring greater choice, quality, and value to consumers. Continue reading

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