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3 Out of 4 Americans Rate Their Current Health Plan As Good or Excellent

The health care reform debate may be over, but polling on the issue has not stopped. The latest Rasmussen Poll was released and it includes the usual questions about people’s support for the health care system (it’s up) and about the reform law and its impact on people’s coverage (that’s down). But it also included this nugget: “Three-out-of-four (75%) adults who currently have health insurance rate their coverage as good or excellent, showing virtually no change since February but up [...]

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New Gallup Poll Shows Consensus on Costs — More Needs to Be Done

Gallup released its latest poll on health care reform and the findings continue to echo the concern about health care costs that independent experts and economists have been raising (and that AHIP Coverage has highlighted.) Here are some key findings from the poll: “Proponents, as well as opponents, of the new healthcare reform law think the legislation is less than perfect. Both groups agree that the bill didn’t do enough to deal with rising healthcare costs.“ 56% of independents do [...]

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Premiums, Polls and Physicians — What is Going on in the World of Costs

It has been almost a week since the health care reform legislation became law, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the growing concern over the new law’s impact on premiums and people’s health care costs. In fact, the Associated Press released an analysis from the RAND Corporation today which showed that premiums for young people in their 20s and early 30s will dramatically increase. From the AP story: Under the health care overhaul, young adults who buy their own [...]

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Latest Gallup Poll Shows Americans Most Concerned About Costs

Gallup released its latest poll, and it shows among people who oppose the current reform legislation the biggest reason for opposition is the impact the legislation will have on costs. Key findings: There has been greater change in opponents’ stated reasons for wanting to defeat the president’s proposed healthcare legislation. Now, 20% of opponents say it will raise insurance costs, up from 9% in September. Nineteen percent currently believe the legislation will not address the real problems in the system, [...]

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On Health Care, 51% Fear Government More Than Insurance Companies

The following memo was released today by Rasmussen looking at the American public’s view of the government and private health plans: When it comes to health care decisions, 51% of the nation’s voters fear the federal government more than private insurance companies. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 41% hold the opposite view and fear the insurance companies more. Seven percent (7%) are not sure who they fear the most. Among those who have insurance, 53% fear [...]

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FACT CHECK Redux: Polls Show American People Satisfied With Their Health Plan

Much of the focus of recent polling has been on specific reform proposals. However, a number of surveys conducted throughout 2009 showed a common thread — people’s satisfaction with their own health insurance or health coverage. We have included a number of these findings below: CNN/Opinion Research: 74% of people are satisfied with their personal health insurance coverage. 83% of people are satisfied with their own health care. Employee Benefits Research Institute: Fifty-eight percent of those with health insurance coverage [...]

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New Pew Poll Shows Americans Trust Health Plans More than Government

Pew Research Center released its latest poll today, and there was an extensive section on health care and health care reform. One of the questions posed was “Who do you trust more when it comes to deciding what kinds of medical procedures should be covered by health insurance?” Here are the results from that question: “More Americans trust private insurance companies rather than the government to make decisions about what kinds of medical procedures should be covered by health insurance. [...]

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Health Care Costs Continues to Be #1 Issue in Many States, Nation

Poll after poll continues to show that Americans are the most worried about health care costs and the impact the current reform proposals will have on their own personal health care costs. Here is a sampling of recent national and state surveys on health care costs: Pew Research: “By two-to-one (40% vs. 21%) more Americans believe the health legislation, if passed, would increase, not decrease their out-of-pocket costs, and this concern spans demographic groups. Among those 65 and older, 46% [...]

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Polling Continues to Show Americans Concerned about Costs

Public surveys released over the past month have shown that the American people continue to be concerned about health care costs and the impact that reform will have on their health care costs. Here are some recent findings from various polls related to costs: 59% of Americans think their costs will increase vs. 15% of Americans who think their costs will decrease under current reform proposals (Rasmussen, 01/03/10) 53% of Americans think costs are the biggest issue with health care [...]

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Recent Polls Show Majority Believe Taxes Will Increase Under Current Reform Proposals

Las Vegas Review-Journal Opinion Poll – 12/09 80% believe their taxes will go up vs. 11% who think taxes will not go up. Economist/YouGov – 12/6-8/09 55% believe they will pay more in taxes or insurance costs under current bill vs. 9% less Bloomberg Poll – 12/3-7/09 57% oppose imposing additional taxes on health care industries, including insurers, drugmakers and medical device manufacturers vs. 38% who favor.

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