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Health Plans Protect Against Diabetes

Today is Diabetes Alert Day, an important day because awareness is the first step in preventing this serious condition that strikes nearly 26 million children and adults in the United States. Awareness is critical because more than 7 million people with diabetes don’t even know they have it. Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: Members of Congress Standing up for Seniors

Check out the interactive map to see how the growing bipartisan support for Medicare Advantage spreads across the country. Continue reading

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Ignagni in the AJMC: Innovation in Plain Sight

The American Journal of Managed Care published a special guest commentary by AHIP CEO Karen Ignagni highlighting the health insurance industry’s long-standing efforts to enhance the value of care for patients. Continue reading

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Flashback: The More Things Change, The Higher Drug Prices Go

It’s easy to understand why health plans welcome the introduction of biosimilars as a way to give patients quicker access to more affordable treatments. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some drug companies, which continue to try to prevent less costly biosimilar versions of their products. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying: Lawmakers Support Medicare Advantage

Knowing that millions of seniors depend on their Medicare Advantage coverage for high-quality, affordable health care, members of Congress recognize the need to shield these critical benefits from any further cuts. Here’s what members of Congress are saying in support of Medicare Advantage. Continue reading

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National Nutrition Month: Celebrating Healthy Lifestyles All Year Long

March is national nutrition month. So what better time to highlight how health plans are developing and implementing innovative programs to encourage healthy nutrition and wellness. Continue reading

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Better Care: “The Hallmark of Medicare Advantage”

At AHIP’s National Health Policy Conference, HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell discussed why health insurance is so important. It provides health security, financial security, and peace of mind to individuals and families. A great example of that in action is Medicare Advantage. Continue reading

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AHIP Builds Lab to Drive Health Care Innovation

Health plans recognize that you can’t have innovation without collaboration. Enter the AHIP Innovation Lab in Chicago. Continue reading

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Health plan payment models aim to send fee-for-service packing

The move away from fee-for-service health care delivery has been picking up steam. The Boston Globe recently reported that health care in Massachusetts may be in its last days of paying doctors for every visit, test, and procedure. Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Really?

A graph in The Washington Post’s Wonkblog debunks the common and misleading explanation from drugmakers that the cost of developing drugs is why it costs a hundred thousand dollars or more for one treatment. Continue reading

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