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How Health Plans are Improving Care Through Digital Innovation

Digital health technologies play an important role in delivering on the promise of patient-centered care. That’s why health plans are using high-tech health care innovations to put patients in the driver’s seat. Continue reading

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There’s more to plan mergers

A lot has been said about health care consolidation, and it’s time to sort through a central misperception about health plan mergers. Let’s start with Medicare Advantage. Continue reading

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JAMA: Making the case for health plan networks

By partnering with high-performing hospitals and providers that meet standards for delivering quality, efficient health care, health plans make it possible for individuals and families to access the care they need at an affordable price. Continue reading

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Best Practices in Medicaid Managed Care

The long track record of success in Medicaid managed care stems from the fact that Medicaid health plans use a variety of programs and services to ensure their enrollees have access to the services they need. Continue reading

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Medicaid Health Plans Are Improving Access and Quality of Care

As states look at how to provide high-quality, affordable care to Medicaid beneficiaries, more are turning to Medicaid managed care for the care coordination and support Medicaid health plans provide for millions. With innovative and effective programs, Medicaid health plans are meeting the health needs of individuals and families across the country. Continue reading

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Taking Steps to Make Coverage Affordable

There are two things Congress can do now to support affordability in health care coverage: allow states to maintain their current small-group market and repeal the health insurance tax. Continue reading

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The Effort to #RepealtheHIT Makes Waves on Social Media

Nationwide, efforts to repeal the burdensome health insurance tax are growing stronger than ever. Continue reading

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Don’t Mess with the IPR

When pharmaceutical companies artificially prolong drug patents to avoid competition from generics, consumers end up with fewer treatment options and higher costs. These latest patent abuses demonstrate the need for strong oversight of drugmakers’ monopoly pricing schemes. Continue reading

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You’re Invited: Join our panel discussion on the Rx cost conundrum

This panel discussion will bring together stakeholders from various perspectives to discuss the challenges ahead and what can be done to encourage medical innovation while ensuring patients can access and afford the treatments they need. Continue reading

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Chronic care management: Getting patients the care they need

A new study by the RAND Corporation and AHIP Foundation looks at the growing burden of chronic disease and health plans’ efforts to help chronically ill patients. Roughly one in two Americans will suffer from a chronic disease by 2030, according to the study. And with each additional chronic condition, patients face higher costs and greater difficulty in managing their health. Continue reading

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