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JAMA: Hospital ownership and higher prices

A new study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association highlights something we’ve been concerned about for years – that provider consolidation increases prices for services and costs for patients. Continue reading

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Education 2.0: Helping consumers navigate 2015 Open Enrollment

As the start of 2015 Open Enrollment nears, health plans are taking an innovative approach to educating new and existing members about the Exchange marketplaces and available coverage choices. Continue reading

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Ignagni: Challenging the status quo with health plan innovation

This week at the State Issues Conference in Washington, D.C., AHIP President and CEO Karen Ignagni delivered remarks on how health plans are bringing innovation to the delivery system as well how the regulatory and legislative environments could undermine their innovative solutions. Continue reading

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Politico Pro: Backlash builds over soaring drug prices

With a wave of new treatments carrying six-figure price tags in the pipeline, pressure is building on drugmakers to lower their prices, according to a new Politico Pro article. Continue reading

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What Consumers Can Expect for 2015 Open Enrollment

November 15 marks the start of 2015 Open Enrollment, and for individuals and families currently enrolled in coverage in the individual market – whether that is coverage offered through, a state exchange, or outside the Exchange Marketplace – or for those shopping for coverage for the first time, health plans are doing their part to make sure consumers understand how to navigate the enrollment process this year. Continue reading

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Open enrollment: Health plans helping consumers understand their options

During open enrollment periods, health plans put extra focus on health literacy to help new and existing members make the best decisions for their health and finance needs. Continue reading

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Health plans provide needed information and support

Health plans have made it a top priority to give members secure, affordable coverage and provide up to date information so consumers can make the right health care decisions for them and their families. In notifying consumers about changes to or discontinuations of their existing coverage, health plans educate consumers about their new options as well as help them enroll. Continue reading

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Any willing provider laws grab headlines in South Dakota

Any willing provider (AWP) laws – which allow any doctor or hospital to enter into a plan network – are making headlines thanks to a proposal on the ballot in South Dakota that would institute an AWP law and could prompt other states to consider similar policies. Continue reading

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Chart of the day: Price matters

A new Morning Consult poll should serve as yet another a wake-up call for drugmakers, pushing them to be part of the solution to unaffordable and unsustainable prescription drugs. Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: Many High-Price Drugs Are Covered the Same as a Hospital Visit

Why do you cover drugs so differently than a trip to the hospital? That’s the cry often heard from drugmakers as they try to defend the astronomical prices for some of their products. But it knowingly misleads from the fact that these high-priced drugs are often administered and paid for through health plan medical benefits. Continue reading

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