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Politico: Exposing Medicare misalignment

A new article from Politico Magazine calls more attention to misaligned incentives plaguing the health care system and driving up costs. It spotlights how a physician committee sets Medicare fees for physician services and procedures, skewing payments in favor of expensive specialists. And it does so with little transparency or public discussion. The secrecy and power driving Medicare’s reimbursement system creates misaligned incentives that put value on the backburner and encourage less efficient, wasteful, and expensive healthcare choices. The article [...]

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Chart of the day: The Hospital Price is Right … Or is It?

A chart from British Medical Journal illustrates an ongoing problematic issue: Hospital prices are anyone’s guess. Continue reading

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Adventures in Arbitrary Pricing – Hospital Edition

“One California hospital charged $10 for a blood cholesterol test, while another hospital that ran the same test charged $10,169 — over 1,000 times more.” Continue reading

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High health care costs hit employer health benefits

A new annual report from the National Business Group on Health provides more proof that the high cost of health care services is putting a financial strain on the U.S. health care system. Today’s target—employer health benefits. Continue reading

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Shining a light on Conflicts of Interest in Care

Federal efforts to make provider payments from drug and medical device makers available to the public have stalled, as BusinessWeek pointed out yesterday. The holdup underscores how difficult it’s been to bring conflicts of interest to light—in hope of driving down health care costs. Continue reading

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What’s driving 2015 premiums

As states continue to report on proposed 2015 rates, wide variations in premiums have emerged. This should be no surprise. Several factors impact how much consumers pay for coverage, with premium increases varying by state and even region. Continue reading

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Chart of the day: Rx drug prices soar

A new chart from the Altarum Institute demonstrates the massive growth rate of prescription drug prices over the last year. Continue reading

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Specialty drug prices—a growing challenge

High drug prices pose a serious challenge for the U.S health care system, driving up premiums, restricting access to needed treatments, and emptying the wallets of state Medicaid programs and consumers. And the problem will only get worse: A recent chart from PwC’s Health Research Institute shows specialty drug prices continue to trend higher and higher. Continue reading

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CHART OF THE DAY: The “Price is Much Higher”

This morning the New York Times takes another look at the challenge posed by the price of Sovaldi, the blockbuster Hepatitis C treatment that’s priced at $1,000 per pill. In a series of charts, the piece shows how a large patient population coupled with sky-high prices are creating a systemic cost dilemma. All of the charts are worth looking at, but this one demonstrates just how much prices are skyrocketing compared to other breakthrough drugs in recent years.  

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Lower the Price

Following today’s earnings report released by Gilead, the manufacturer of Sovaldi, AHIP Spokesman Brendan Buck released the following statement: “It’s time to lower the price of Sovaldi. While it was a blockbuster quarter for Gilead, people who can’t access the drug because of its price didn’t fare nearly as well. Health plans and government programs are covering the vast majority of the cost of Sovaldi, but the price being charged continues to put the drug out of reach for too [...]

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