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Breakthrough drugs: Astronomical prices, no end in sight?

Yesterday on NBC Nightly News, AHIP Executive Vice President Matt Eyles addressed the “black box” of pharmaceutical pricing and why it’s a big problem for patients. Continue reading

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Drug of the Week: New Treatment for High Cholesterol Brings Big Costs

Today kicks off our new blog series Drug of the Week. Each installment will profile a medical treatment or new drug and its impact on patients and the health system. Continue reading

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Biosimilars Needed for More Competition in High-Cost Drug Marketplace

Competition drives value for consumers. That’s why biosimilars, clinically similar but less expensive versions of FDA-approved biologic medications, are an important new tool fostering more bang for consumers’ buck. These tools are especially helpful for patients facing diagnoses with expensive treatment regimens like cancer or various auto-immune diseases. The FDA is currently in discussions with manufacturers regarding 47 biosimilar products under development. With an increasing number of biosimilars with potential to enter the market, an effort is underway to implement [...]

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Pharma’s last stand

When certain drugmakers have nothing to say about the growing prescription drug cost crisis and no solutions to point to, they cry “price controls.” This is a master bait and switch. Continue reading

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What’s really blocking access to hepatitis C treatment

Drugmakers continue to use their monopoly power to set ridiculously high prices for new drugs, forcing health plans and employers to start negotiations at a much higher price point than ever before. Continue reading

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Transparency and High-Value Health Care

As the following examples show, efforts to arm patients with reliable quality and cost data to shop wisely for health care services will have a meaningful impact on bending the current, unsustainable health care cost curve. Continue reading

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New issue brief on empowering consumers

Whether it’s a cost calculator or a mobile app, health plans provide consumers with a wide-range of tools that allow individuals to easily compare data on estimated costs of certain procedures and treatments as well as quality measures so they can make informed choices when selecting a provider or hospital. Continue reading

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What do consumers really think about drug prices?

Echoing June’s Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, the latest survey again shows a large majority of consumers (72 percent) – especially those currently taking prescription drugs (77 percent) – say the cost of medical treatments is unreasonable. Continue reading

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Stakeholders agree: We need generic competition

Recent proposals to extend market exclusivity for brand-name medications would delay generic competition and have a dangerous effect on pharmaceutical costs – pushing prices higher and higher. Continue reading

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Hospital conglomerates: ‘The trend is concerning’

Decreased competition among providers, and higher prices and fewer choices for health care consumers are among the dangers posed by hospital consolidation, leading physicians at Johns Hopkins University cautioned in a new Journal of the American Medical Association article. Continue reading

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