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Myth vs. Fact: Administrative Costs in Medicare & Private Health Plans

It’s a familiar refrain, one we’ve blogged about multiple times – comparing Medicare’s administrative costs to those of private health plans is inaccurate. Continue reading

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Washington Post Fact Checks Policy Notifications

Adding on to the media coverage of policy changes and cancellations, check out this fact check that was published in The Washington Post today. Continue reading

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The Link Between Market Reforms and the Mandate

Starting in 2014, the ACA requires health plans to cover everyone, including those with pre-existing conditions, and prohibits premiums from varying based on a person’s health status. Continue reading

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Health Insurance Premium Subsidies: How Far Will They Go?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies to help low- and moderate-income Americans afford coverage. While subsidies will help many people purchase coverage, millions of individuals and families are not eligible for subsidies and, for those that are eligible, the amount of the subsidy declines significantly as incomes rise. Continue reading

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Fact Check on Administrative Costs

There is broad recognition that health care costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate. But the data are very clear that soaring medical costs – not health plans’ administrative costs – are driving health care cost growth. Continue reading

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FACT CHECK: Only 4 Percent of the ACA’s Medicare Advantage Cuts Have Gone Into Effect

Current discussions about the impact on seniors of the Affordable Care Acts’ (ACA) $200 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage have largely ignored the fact that only four percent of those cuts have gone into effect through the end of 2012. Continue reading

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How Is a Premium Determined? A More Complete Picture

Ever wondered what goes into a premium? There are a number of factors such underlying health care costs, the health and age of the population covered,and the types and levels of cost sharing and deductibles are just a few of the factors. Learn more. Continue reading

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Medigap: Providing Financial Security and Peace of Mind for Medicare Beneficiaries

As part of the current “fiscal cliff” discussions, policymakers should avoid cutting benefits that millions of seniors and people with disabilities rely on. While some people have proposed limiting first-dollar coverage in Medicare supplement (Medigap) coverage, research has shown that this would cause beneficiaries to avoid care that is medically necessary – resulting in higher costs for enrollees and the country. Continue reading

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NYT Article Ignores Critical Role of Health Plans in Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Today’s New York Times/Kaiser Health News article highlighting efforts by hospitals to reduce readmissions ignores the critical role of health plans in helping patients get the care they need and avoid unnecessary, preventable readmissions. Health plans have prioritized this issue and have put in place programs to help patients get appropriate follow-up care when they are discharged from the hospital. Continue reading

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Long-Term Care Insurance – What You Need to Know

A recent article called into question the value long-term care (LTC) insurance provides to beneficiaries. Continue reading

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