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Ask the AHIP Experts: Why Provider Networks are Important

Health plans use high-value provider networks to reduce premiums and promote more affordable coverage for consumers. We asked two of AHIP’s policy leads, Vice Presidents Greg Gierer and Crystal Kuntz, to explain why health plans are turning to high-value provider networks designed to reward quality and effectiveness. Continue reading

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New Report Shows Vulnerable Populations Rely on Medigap

Medigap policyholders represent some of the most vulnerable populations, according to a new AHIP report. For the more than 11 million seniors and people with disabilities across the nation choosing Medigap coverage, the peace of mind about their financial security and the reliability of their health care benefits are invaluable. Continue reading

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Myth vs. Fact: What’s Behind Drug Prices

The prices of many drugs continue to explode, and there’s still a lack of transparency in how these skyrocketing prices are set. So we’re fact-checking some of the pharmaceutical industry’s main arguments for why they have to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a course of treatment. Continue reading

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The Art of the Pharma Blame Game

Pharmaceutical companies want to talk about the real value of their medications. But they refuse to be transparent about their pricing and why patients are paying enormous, unsubstantiated costs for their prescriptions. Continue reading

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You Can’t Deny the Facts

Given the recent focus on consolidation in the health care industry and how such activity would impact the cost of coverage, it’s crucial to bear in mind several important facts. Continue reading

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Fact Check on Prescription Drug Coverage

Health plans are committed to assuring that patients have access to high-quality and affordable prescription drug coverage by providing a wide array of plan choices that are designed to meet each individual’s health needs. So as consumers make choices about the type of coverage that works for them, it’s important to keep in mind several important facts. Continue reading

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INFOGRAPHIC: High Satisfaction, Better Quality Care with Medicare Advantage

It’s no surprise that seniors give Medicare Advantage high marks. Medicare Advantage plans offers beneficiaries better quality care than fee-for-service Medicare, as illustrated in the infographic below. T Continue reading

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Top Health Care Resolutions for the New Year

It’s almost a brand-new year. And that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. The health plan community has some important goals for the year ahead. Continue reading

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Fact: The real problem is abusive drug pricing

Biosimilars can save millions of dollars and save many lives. That was the message shared by all of the panelists at a discussion this morning hosted by The Hill in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

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What Consumers Can Expect for 2015 Open Enrollment

November 15 marks the start of 2015 Open Enrollment, and for individuals and families currently enrolled in coverage in the individual market – whether that is coverage offered through, a state exchange, or outside the Exchange Marketplace – or for those shopping for coverage for the first time, health plans are doing their part to make sure consumers understand how to navigate the enrollment process this year. Continue reading

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