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Striking down weak patents protects patients

In some cases, explosive drug prices are the result of drugmakers’ patent schemes that financially distress consumers and limit their treatment options. That is why a recent proposal to exempt pharmaceutical companies from a key consumer protection would leave families across the country even more hostage to egregious pharmaceutical prices. Continue reading

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New Data Brief on Hospital Consolidation and Premiums

The growing body of evidence that hospital consolidation and higher premiums go hand-in-hand has yet another entry. A new AHIP data brief finds that as hospital consolidation increases, so too do premiums. Continue reading

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Don’t Mess with the IPR

When pharmaceutical companies artificially prolong drug patents to avoid competition from generics, consumers end up with fewer treatment options and higher costs. These latest patent abuses demonstrate the need for strong oversight of drugmakers’ monopoly pricing schemes. Continue reading

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Networks Offer Patients More Choice and More Value

Consumer choice plays a vital role in health care, which is why health plans provide a range of network size options as well as a broad array of physicians and hospitals in their provider networks. Consumers have even greater choice this year with more than 1,000 new networks introduced, a recent McKinsey report concluded. Continue reading

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Health plans are ready and waiting for ICD-10

This morning, AHIP’s Carmella Bocchino will offer testimony on health plans’ preparation and readiness for the ICD-10 system. As noted in her remarks, health plans strongly support implementation of ICD-10 without further delay. Continue reading

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What They Are Saying About Plans Supporting Consumers Through Open Enrollment: News Headlines

The health plan community’s efforts to support consumers during the enrollment and renewal process have made headlines across the country. Continue reading

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AHIP and the EPA Collaborate to Improve Asthma Management Through Health Plan Innovation

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) will collaborate with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify and promote health plan best practices that align with the National Institute of Health’s EPR-3 asthma guidelines and that take into account the role of environmental triggers that affect asthma. Continue reading

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AHIP Celebrates Health Literacy Month

October is National Health Literacy Month – a time to reflect upon the role health literacy plays in health status and outcomes, use of insurance benefits, and the experience of care. Continue reading

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AHIP’s Coalition for Medicare Choices Expands

More than 15 million American seniors rely on Medicare Advantage (MA) for their health care needs, and now they have an even bigger voice to protect those critical benefits. The Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC)—a grassroots network of 1.6 million seniors enrolled in MA—has just expanded its operation with new online resources and public events, serving to promote the value of the program throughout the year. Continue reading

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AHIP’s Durham: Facing a public health crisis, stakeholders have to act responsibly

“Why are prices for some specialty drugs so high and what if anything can be done about it?” AHIP’s Executive Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs Dan Durham was interviewed about the challenge. Continue reading

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