VIDEO: Why Health Plans are Partnering Across the Health System

Improving the quality and value of health care will take collaboration among all health care stakeholders. In this week’s installment of Health Care in Focus, you’ll learn how health plans are teaming up with health care providers across the country to change how health care is delivered. Continue reading

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Policymakers Address Health Savings Accounts and Zika Virus Response

Congress has had its hands full on various pieces of legislation, including a response to the Zika Virus, cost-saving programs for Medicare, and the expansion of health savings accounts, to name a few. Continue reading

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Health Plan-Bio Collaboration Drives Patient-Centered Care

A recent blog post in Health Affairs shows that collaboration in the health care system is needed to deliver high-value, patient-centered care. We are seeing this in action with two health care organizations that are working together to foster a value-based approach to medical innovation. Continue reading

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Drug of the Week: A Blockbuster Orphan Drug

The latest Drug of the Week installment calls attention to a growing problem that’s putting pharmaceutical profits ahead of patient access: abuse of the Orphan Drug Act. This exploitation is what enables Rituxan to be considered an orphan drug while also being the 12th best-selling medication in the United States. Continue reading

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Medicare Advantage Stats of the Day

A new AHIP report shows low-income and diverse populations of Medicare beneficiaries continue to rely on the high-quality health care coverage provided by Medicare Advantage plans. Continue reading

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How BCBSMA is Improving End-of-life Care

As the health care system focuses on improving end-of-life care, health plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts are stepping up to the challenge. Continue reading

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How Your Health Insurance Company Works for You

People often think of health insurance as a safety net and financial product that helps pay medical bills. And it is but it’s also much more than that. Health plans help people lead healthy lives, make informed health care decisions, and manage chronic conditions. Continue reading

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Ask the AHIP Experts: Why Provider Networks are Important

Health plans use high-value provider networks to reduce premiums and promote more affordable coverage for consumers. We asked two of AHIP’s policy leads, Vice Presidents Greg Gierer and Crystal Kuntz, to explain why health plans are turning to high-value provider networks designed to reward quality and effectiveness. Continue reading

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Report: Protect Medicare Advantage’s Ability to Care for Patients with Complex Health Needs

Changes to the Medicare Advantage risk adjustment model undermine health plans’ efforts to care for beneficiaries managing multiple chronic conditions, concludes a new report from Avalere Health. This will have real consequences for the millions of seniors and individuals with disabilities who rely on the Medicare Advantage program. Continue reading

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VIDEO: What are Provider Networks?

In this week’s Health Care in Focus, you’ll learn why consumers see big savings when they visit contracted providers. Continue reading

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