Transparency and High-Value Health Care

As the following examples show, efforts to arm patients with reliable quality and cost data to shop wisely for health care services will have a meaningful impact on bending the current, unsustainable health care cost curve. Continue reading

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Health Plans Leading the Way to Improve Adult Vaccination Rates

Health plans have made improving adult immunization rates a top priority, recognizing that immunizations are one of the best ways to keep patients healthy and reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable deaths and hospitalizations. Continue reading

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New issue brief on empowering consumers

Whether it’s a cost calculator or a mobile app, health plans provide consumers with a wide-range of tools that allow individuals to easily compare data on estimated costs of certain procedures and treatments as well as quality measures so they can make informed choices when selecting a provider or hospital. Continue reading

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Pharma’s Red Herring

Whenever drugmakers can’t come up with a sound argument against good policy, they roll out their time-tested “price controls” diversion. Please. Continue reading

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The Seniors Behind the Numbers

The research shows 88 percent of seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage are highly satisfied with their plan. And 88 percent of these enrollees are satisfied with preventive care coverage, compared with 75 percent of fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries. But the seniors behind the numbers are what’s most important – the individuals who stand up each day to protect what matters most. Continue reading

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What do consumers really think about drug prices?

Echoing June’s Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, the latest survey again shows a large majority of consumers (72 percent) – especially those currently taking prescription drugs (77 percent) – say the cost of medical treatments is unreasonable. Continue reading

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JAMA: Making the case for health plan networks

By partnering with high-performing hospitals and providers that meet standards for delivering quality, efficient health care, health plans make it possible for individuals and families to access the care they need at an affordable price. Continue reading

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Stakeholders agree: We need generic competition

Recent proposals to extend market exclusivity for brand-name medications would delay generic competition and have a dangerous effect on pharmaceutical costs – pushing prices higher and higher. Continue reading

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Hospital conglomerates: ‘The trend is concerning’

Decreased competition among providers, and higher prices and fewer choices for health care consumers are among the dangers posed by hospital consolidation, leading physicians at Johns Hopkins University cautioned in a new Journal of the American Medical Association article. Continue reading

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Consumers ‘held hostage’ by soaring drug prices

Exorbitant prescription drug prices are hitting patients hard, forcing most to cut back on household expenses like food so they can afford their medications. Those are the results of a new survey from Consumer Reports, which also found that rising drug prices are inhibiting patients’ ability to pay for other medical care. Continue reading

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