Remember this Number

56. Remember it next time you hear Gilead or a defender of its pricing say that the price of Sovaldi is a reflection of the cost of discovery. Continue reading

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As House Committee Talks MA, AHIP Highlights Benefits, Challenges Ahead

This morning, a powerful House panel held a hearing on Medicare Advantage (MA), in part to examine the impact that further cuts to the program would have on American seniors. In advance of the hearing, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) submitted testimony to the Ways and Means Committee highlighting the importance of MA and laying out recommendations to preserve the care and high satisfaction that seniors have with the program. Continue reading

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Lower the Price

Following today’s earnings report released by Gilead, the manufacturer of Sovaldi, AHIP Spokesman Brendan Buck released the following statement: “It’s time to lower the price of Sovaldi. While it was a blockbuster quarter for Gilead, people who can’t access the drug because of its price didn’t fare nearly as well. Health plans and government programs are covering the vast majority of the cost of Sovaldi, but the price being charged continues to put the drug out of reach for too [...]

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AHIP’s Durham Highlights Health Plan’s Commitment to Consumers on Networks

At a briefing Monday sponsored by the Alliance for Health Reform, AHIP Executive Vice President for Policy and Regulatory Affairs Dan Durham addressed the topic of network adequacy in the new health care marketplace. Continue reading

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You’re Paying for Sovaldi

An article published yesterday in the Journal of the American Medical Association by two senior officers at CVS Caremark, puts in stark terms the cost that we are all bearing from the price being charge for Hepatitis C (HVC) drug Sovaldi. Continue reading

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Health Plans Promote Network Choices, Transparency for Consumers

When it comes to shopping for coverage, information is power. Consumers have a range of network choices, and health plans are committed to providing the transparency needed to make the one right for them. Continue reading

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Gilead, Crushing It

And by it, we mean state budgets. A new report out this morning puts in perspective the startling costs that states are grappling with to cover Sovaldi, a new Hepatitis C drug from Gilead that costs $1,000 per pill. CNBC had a look at the study… Continue reading

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So How do Americans Feel About These Specialty Drug Prices?

Spoiler: Not Good Continue reading

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USA Today Asks, Why $1,000 a pill?

Reflecting the rising level of scrutiny on specialty drug prices, USA Today’s lead editorial this morning goes right at the makers of Sovaldi for its unjustifiable price. As we all do, the paper notes that the drug is a remarkable breakthrough in medicine. But, as they put it, “it also comes with a scary side effect: a price of $1,000 a pill.” Continue reading

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True Story: Drugmakers Are Wining and Dining Health Care Providers, and We’re All Footing the Bill Through Higher-Cost Meds

Indeed, it seems that while most of the health care system is investing in ways to lower costs, drug companies are still just trying to find ways to keep getting paid. Soon, though, we’ll have more information to see just how far some of these companies are going to drive up health care costs… Continue reading

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