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Ignagni: Challenging the status quo with health plan innovation

This week at the State Issues Conference in Washington, D.C., AHIP President and CEO Karen Ignagni delivered remarks on how health plans are bringing innovation to the delivery system as well how the regulatory and legislative environments could undermine their innovative solutions. Continue reading

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Listicle of the Day: Bloomberg on the Factors Driving Premiums

Bloomberg News has produced a handy list of factors to understand when looking at changes in health care premiums. Continue reading

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When Providers Merge, Consumers Pay

When hospital and physician practices merge, consumers often pay the price. Continue reading

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AHIP’s Institute 2014 – Breaking the Mold to Change Health Care for Consumers

AHIP’s 2014 Institute in Seattle featured speakers who are breaking the mold in their industries. Whether at Oscar, Trader Joe’s, REI, Nordstrom, or Civis Analytics, these speakers told the thousands of health care stakeholders who gathered in Seattle that “innovation is about taking risks,” and that they should “unleash the power of consumers.” Continue reading

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What Do the Experts Say?

Everyone wants to know what premiums are going to look like for 2015 in the new health care marketplaces. The answer of course is not straightforward, but it deserves proper focus and explanation. So where do we turn? Continue reading

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Simply Skyrocketing

A new medical cost trend report from PricewaterhouseCoopers finds that “the rise of high-priced specialty drugs is sparking anxiety and fierce debate among purchasers over pricing strategies and whether the high cost will be worth it over the long term. One thing is certain: In 2015, several expensive specialty therapies will likely increase the healthcare spending growth rate.” Continue reading

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The Latest Health Care-Related Legislation

Check out the latest health care-related legislation introduced in the House and Senate. Continue reading

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One Reason Premiums Will Vary Across States

January 1, 2014 marked the start of the ACA’s major market reforms taking effect. Continue reading

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Health Plans Leading the Way on Affordability

We all want more affordable health coverage, but to achieve it, every sector of the health care industry must do its part – including health plans. Continue reading

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Sovaldi: Blowing up State Medicaid Budgets, Cont.

It’s common knowledge that drugmakers don’t like talking about their prices, or the crises created by such astronomically high prices. But when it comes down to “blow[ing] a hole in states’ Medicaid budgets,” it’s a problem we have to talk about. Continue reading

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