Survey Finds Californians Unprepared for Long-Term Care Costs

Back in September we looked at a survey from The SCAN Foundation/UCLA Center for Health Policy Research that indicated long-term care was a concern of more than half of California voters. The SCAN Foundation CEO wrote an op-ed for the San Diego Union-Tribune highlighting some of the key points of the survey.

From the op-ed:

  • “Four of 10 middle-aged voters say a close family member is likely to need long-term care in the next five years, yet most don’t know where they will turn for help, according to a poll on long-term care by The SCAN Foundation and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.”
  • “Sixty percent of local residents mistakenly believe or are unsure if Medicare pays for their long-term care needs. The reality is that it only pays for short-term rehabilitation, and the majority of individuals who need long-term care require it for an average of three years.”
  • “Long-term care insurance is still one of the only forms of protection the average American has against the high cost of care, yet nationwide less than 10 percent of the potential market has coverage, either because they do not qualify or because the cost can be prohibitive.”
  • “Californians are clearly struggling to get by and when prompted to look into the future, two-thirds are worried about being able to pay for health and long-term care needs.”

For more information, see AHIP’S Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance.

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