COST ALERT: FTC Says Texas’ Providers Group Fixed Prices; Led to Higher Prices for Patients

The Federal Trade Commission issued an order barring two Texas provider groups from jointly negotiating prices. Here are some key points from the FTC’s press release on the order:

  • The FTC alleged in a complaint filed with the order that the association, Southwest Health Alliances, Inc., d/b/a BSA Provider Network, has violated federal law since 2000 by fixing the prices its member doctors would charge insurers. This led to higher prices for consumers and businesses.
  • According to the FTC’s complaint, since at least 2000, the network has restrained competition by entering into and implementing agreements to fix the prices and terms at which it would contract with health plans, and has collectively negotiated the terms and conditions under which it would deal with health plans.
  • The FTC contends that the agreements eliminated competition and harmed consumers by increasing prices for physician services.




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