New Deloitte Survey — Majority Think New Reform Law Will Lead to Higher Medical Prices and Higher Taxes

With reform now the law of the land more and more surveys are being released about people’s expectations of the impact of the new law on the health care system and on their personal health care. The latest survey comes from The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions (DCHS), part of Deloitte LLP, in which they survey 1,019 adults aged 18 and older.

The results are very interesting with questions ranging from impact of the reform law on access and costs, to the effectiveness of certain provisions to people’s view of their own insurance coverage.

Here are some key highlights from the survey:

43% of all adults surveyed think they will be “worse off” under the new law vs. 36% that think they will be better off

  • Among those with employer-provided coverage, 46% think they will be worse off

76% think the cost of the reform bill will be higher than expected

  • Among those with employer-provided coverage, 82% think the cost of the reform bill will be higher than expected

53% DISAGREE with the statement “The reform will reduce health care costs in the long term”

  • 66% think that hospitals and physicians will increase prices
  • 54% think the price of medication will increase as a result of the new law
  • Only 30% think cuts in the rate of growth of Medicare costs will be effective

76% think taxes will increase

  • 78% of people with employer-provided coverage think taxes will increase
  • 80% of individually insured adults think taxes will increase

One stat probably won’t hear but it is really telling: “Of the 82 percent of consumers surveyed who consider themselves ‘well’ or ‘adequately’ insured, 96 percent are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their insurance company’s performance in serving their needs.”

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