Senate Bill Cuts Funding for Safety Net Hospitals

A San Jose Mercury News article focuses on a provision in the Senate bill that will negatively impact California.

Here are a few key excerpts:

“Safety net hospitals, such as Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, serve everyone regardless of their ability to pay.”


“The Senate would also cut Medicare funding to DSH hospitals by $20.6 billion over the next decade…Combining the cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, the Senate version of the health care reform bill would mean $42.8 billion less in funding for DSH hospitals over the next 10 years, $22.5 billion more than the cuts contained in the House bill.”

“What will this mean to VMC? Put simply, it could well mean the difference between staying open — or not.”

In concept, health care reform is designed to lessen the pressure placed on safety net hospitals by providing insurance to the uninsured. But in California and here in Silicon Valley, we are likely to continue to have a large number of uninsured people…”

“…this exceptional public health system could collapse under the weight of costly uninsured and underinsured patients if the Senate version of health care reform passes.”


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