Defensive medicine’s threat to affordable health care

Reminding us that legal threats still present an obstacle to affordability in health care, a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that almost a third of the orders at one Massachusetts health system were defensive to some degree. Of the 4,215 tests and procedures ordered, $226 per patient was spent on unnecessary care, due in part to liability fears. Continue reading

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The march to value-based care

One way to bring – and keep – rising costs under control is to change the way we pay for care, BenefitsPro reports. The article describes the debate surrounding value-based care, concluding that efforts to reward providers for keeping people healthy will be a long-lasting movement. Continue reading

What really happens when hospitals consolidate

Provider consolidation is a continuing source of debate in health care. But the facts are clear: Hospital mergers can drive up health care costs for consumers. Continue reading